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All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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Messages of support

The Squad always appreciates your messages of support so we invite you to send them for the Europeans in Azerbaijan to webmaster@englishkaratefederation.com and we will publish them as they come in.

Congratulations to the England Squad we as parents are proud of each and everyone of you, as you all have worked really hard. In our hearts you are all winners.Thank you to the coaches for the intensive training in preparation for this huge event and helping them live their dream. A huge round of applause to all involved xxx
jojo P

Good luck Robert - We are all rooting for you
Donna Ian Daniel & Steven xx

To David Coope and all the rest of the squad,well done keep up all the good work.
The Barbers SCKS (Broughton Astley)

Hi Kelly (me again!!!) just wishing my wonderful niece all the very best for sunday. Go girl! We're all very proud of you.
Lotsaluv Auntie Sue &Uncle Marcus xx & more hugs of nana n grandad xx

WELL DONE to everyone so far! A huge GOOD LUCK to the under 21s tomorrow..will be checking for updates all day. Let’s Go ENGLAND! xxxxx
Natalie Charlton

Hello Ryan,
I hope your ok out there. Wish I was there watching you!!! Or even being out there with the squad, writing this to say GOOD LUCK TOMORROW, give it your best! I'll be at work and I hope once I've finished I'll be even more happier that your finished fighting & relaxing and yourself proud, bring a medal home thinking of you always, go get them you know you can do it xxxxxxx
love you, Heidi xxxxxxxxx

Hi Ashley,
Best of luck with your tournament!! We all holding thumbs for you and your team!!
From Grant, Hilda, Kyle & Sian

Well Done Tom
We are proud of you.
Love Em, Craig, Liam and Ella

Well done to everyone, we are so proud of you all. Keep smiling Azza, it's all great experience. Congratulations to the medal winners frpm yesterday - let's hope for a few more today!
Kiernan family

Hi Jake
Good luck for today - just do your best kid.
Love Mum xxxx

Good luck Tom ,we are all behind you
from William smith

Hi Mike. Just to say we are thinking of you and your team mates in Azerbaijan ! You have worked very hard and just do your best and cherish the experience!!
All our love from Liz , Jon Boy, Timmy and Abbey xxxxxx ps. See you soon xx

Ashley, Well done, we are checking the photo`s every day and the results, hope you and the rest of the English squad enjoy the rest of the tournament, only wish we could have been there.
Grandma & Grandad xxx

good luck tom, stay focused just do your best? also good luck to all the team.
nan granddad h

Good luck Tom !!
Love Morgan,Miles,Jane & Tony xxxx

Good luck Tom!!!!
Kay,Scott,Jack & Chlo xx

Good Luck Tom,
All the best.
Love Craig, Em, Liam and Ella

Good Luck Callum in the competitions to you and your team mates.

Wishing you guys all the best of luck
from Aron & Jared at Ashin do Kai

Lauren C
Good luck for the completion and show them what you can do.
Love Grandma and Granddad

Good luck to Kelly Horsfall for Sunday you've worked really hard and deserve all the luck in the world.
Love you loadas nana and grandad XXXXXXXXXXXX

Good luck callum and all the England squad we'll be thinking about you all and wishing you good luck i hope this one callum makes all your dreams come true. so proud to be your parents go do what you have to do
love you lots mum, dad, Nathan, Ryan

To Robert Camp and Whole England Team:
Hoping all your hard work pays off and you achieve great things between you. Best of luck to everyone taking part.
Nan Sheila and Martyn xx

Hi Callum its Ryan just wishing you good luck and all the England squad remember guts no glory and Quitters never win and winners never Quit.Bring back a medal
love Ryan

Hey Soph, hope you are having a good time out there. All the best for your fights today, and to the rest of the squad members.
Adrian, Khalsa karate

Go Sophie!!!
You’re an absolute superstar…. Good luck out there in Azerbaijan!!!
Miss Porter x

Good luck in the morning Sophie! Unleash your best skills!
From Miss Sinfield, Miss Callaway, Mr Costello, Mr Roberts and everyone at Richmond Park Academy!

Congratulations to kieran and mitchell on the Bronze medals fantastic results well done to everybody that competed today you all did fantastic good luck tommorow to everybody competing especially sophie santillo
love from sophie santillo’ s mum xxx

Good Luck Kira! We are all so proud of your achievement.
from Miss Fantham and all the students at Blenheim High School

Tom, good luck for tomorrow, as the old saying goes train hard, fight easy, and you have put so much hard work in I have no doubt you will once again achieve your dream. Best of luck to all the rest of the squad,
Sarah (PC karate)

** Well done Kieran ** great result, you must feel on top of the world!
From Lisa, Dom, Nathan and Neil

Hi Tom
Good luck for tomorrow bud, just do what you do best.
Love from Joshy and Jayne

Good luck Amelia you'll do great
Curtis Harvey

Good luck Lauren Tutty and all the rest of the England team. Thinking of you and enjoy xxxx
Loads of love auntie Carla, uncle warren, and cousins Jayden and Kian xxxxx

Good luck Kira, we know u will be fab as usual. Good luck to the rest of the team.
Love Sophie & Qamar

Hi Lauren - Good luck we are all routing for u
Denise,Shaun,Nat,Vicki Barker

All the very best to the England Squad, especially Pat, Charlotte, Michael and Ashley. Do your best and enjoy the experience.
Good Luck from everyone at Kaizen Central Ipswich.

Good luck to all the England squad and for Sophie Santillo. Fight as well as I know you can and do us all proud. Best of luck guys.
Jez, Khalsa Karate

Hi Kira, hope you are having a great time living the dream, you have worked hard enough for it, everybody back home are really proud, fingers crossed for Sunday for You, Mel & Kel and all the England Team.
Love Mum & Dad xx. Jon, if you are reading this out say hello to mat for Kira and thanks for all your hard work too.

Good luck to you all - hope you all acheive what you want. Special wishes to Lauren tutty and her mum fingers crossed
xxx love Lou pickens and family xx

Lets Go ENGLAND lets Go fight to win guys!!!!!!

To Lauren and all our England team, we wish you all love and luck. Stay focused and just remember how proud we here are of you xxxxx
Keri, Dave, Alanya and Ciara

Good luck Amelia, thinking of you, all the best and enjoy lots of love.
From Taz Andrew Aysha Shane xx

Good luck for Friday- just give it your very best and do us proud.
Love Mum, Nanna & Grandad

Good luck for Saturday, sophie, I'm missing you loads!
love your big bro Kash x

Good Luck Pat, we are all rooting for you,
Daren, Jo, Jack and Sully. xxx

Good luck Sophie Santillo in the fighting on Saturday…we will all be thinking of you! Hoping you bring back the bacon (albeit Quorn ;) )
Lots of love Harriet, Hannah and Andy xxx

Good luck Pat, thinking of you and wishing you well. Lots of love Dad, Sam, Isaac, Chrissie and all the Mongan Family.
Love and good luck to Charlotte from the Mongan Mob

Hi to DAVID COOPE, just want to wish you and the rest of the squad  good luck for the weekend...
from The Croshaw's..SCKS.

Good luck to all of you, Sale Dojo and especially Lauren Tutty who is fighting in the morning, will be thinking of you, sending
loads of love and hugs from jan & gerry rochford (grandma & grandad) xxxxxxxxxxxx

get a medal or don't come home.
No i kid in all seriousness good look you'll be great just remember the 5 d's of dodgeball... dodge duck dip dive and dodge and you should do fine.
from the boys but mostly Liam

To Lauren,
Hope you're having an amazing time, we miss you so much already! We wish you the best of luck in the competition, just try your best.
Lots of love Chloe and all the rest of the 'gang' love you x

Just want to wish LAUREN, Aaron & all the Team GOOD LUCK for day one tomorrow, come on guys your moment is here its time for you to all shine. Lauren we're so proud of you & are supporting you all the way, kick ass Super Tut.
Love mum,dad & TT xxxx

Good luck to the EKF Squad we want your team to win.
Come on David Woo Woo Woo - Woo Woo Woo
All the best from Manny Moore at the Simon Coope Karate School

Good Luck to Ryan (Mr Jay), Charlotte, Mitchell, Pat and the rest of the England Squad, I know you will do us proud.
Love from Little Georgie xxx

Hey Kira. Good luck and do your best!! :) Enjoy all of it! Wishing we could be with you all the way,
Lots of "Love" .... Elle and Kyle xxxx

Good luck Kieran and Navin and all the England squad
from NYA X

Good luck tomorrow – do your best and try and enjoy the experience.
From all of us at Mums’ work.
(Linda Titcombe)

Hey Ashley!! :)
Hope you have an AMAZING tournament :) enjoy every moment of it and know that you can do it! :)  I believe in you Ash :)  GOOD LUCK CHAMP :)
Danika Stevens

Fight well tomorrow Joe - Do your best as you always do!
Love Mum & Dad xxx

good luck mike know you will ace it. have a great time and always know always so prowd of you.
love sam xx

All the best to all
from Tianee and family x

Just want to say GOODLUCK to Mitchell Priestley, we are all so proud of you, train hard, fight harder. Grandad will be looking over you smiling." ENGLAND TEAM bring home the gold "
love mum, dad and everyone else. xxxxxxxx

Just wanted to wish David Coope and all of the England squad all the best. We are very proud of you,
Good Luck, Mr Kell (De Lisle)

Love to all the Junior England squad, especially Callum Holmes. Take care of business guys.
Alex Gardner

Robert - all the best in Baku wishing we could b there with you but know that you can do it... You've trained, you've sweated, you've bled now go and win.. Train hard,  sleep well and fight to the end!!
Love you Mum, Dad and Ashlie xx
To the squad, coaches and team Let's go England lets go ;) x

Good Luck David and all the England Squad. We are all routing for you.
Francesca, Vanna & Ben Bloor

Good luck to all the England Squad competing in Azerbaijan, especially Sophie Santillo who we are very proud of. Come on Sophie we know you can do it
lots of love the Hardcastle family xxxx

Hi Jake & Aaron
Love you both and missing you loads. You are both champions to me already but good luck for the competition & do your best to bring home some medals.
Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Wishing Sophie lots of luck (although we don't think you need it). Hope you and the team have an amazing time.
Lots of love Alanagh & Junior xx

Good luck Joe in all your fights!
From Joseph Bryant at UMAA

Wishing Willie and the whole squad great success at the Europeans, hopefully bringing back some medals and great memories!!!
All the best Jan and Steve Burke

Good luck Mike
Wish we could be there, enjoy every moment. Will be thinking of you on Sunday, enjoy the experience and do your best.
Love Mum and Dad x

Focus and do the job you are there to do
Train hard
Fight harder
Mom and Dad x

Hope everyone does well! Special mention to David Coope, everyone at Loughborough is wishing you well!
Matt and Isaac Vickers.

Dear Sophie,
Just to wish the best of luck on Saturday!! We are all behind you 100%. Do your best which we already know is world class! Good luck and see you when you get back
Best Wishes
Estelle, Natarliya and Luca x

MIKE, Good luck out there, you'll do great !!!! were all routing for you back in Coventry,
Love from Charlotte and Sports therapy ! xxxx

To Sophie goodluck in the europeans love you loads miss you i know you will do well
xxx from your sister jade brother jamie and baby sister eloise xxxxx

Good luck ,we will be thinking of you and cheering you on, we know you will do your best & good luck to the rest of the squad.
Grandma & Grandad

Hello Melissa
We hear you are now far away again! Good Luck in the Championships and enjoy yourself. Keep safe!
Lots of Love Auntie Lynn and Timothy.

Hi Melissa
Our best wishes for a successful trip. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Another amazing experience for you!! Do your best - whatever the result we are always very very proud of you.!!
Lots of Love from Granddad and Grandma xxxxxxxx

As well as winning lots of medals, we hope you all have a fantastic time and stay safe!
Best Regards, Lee, Elida, Danny, Jason and the rest of the team at Blitz.

Good Luck To Ryan Jay, for the European Championships.. Just do your best sorry we cant be there for the first time in 13 years :(
and good luck to the rest of the England Squad
LOVE FROM, Dad, Mum & Heidi (little sister) ;) xxxxx

Good luck to Ryan Jay sorry we wont be there but do your best like you always do and good luck to all the England Squad and coaches
from Clive Tina and Heidi x

Good luck to David Coope and all the rest of the England squad. Our thoughts are with you.
Come on England!
From John and Conall Homer (SCKS)

From the Allen's - We would like to give a huge cheer of support for all of the squad. For the kids that we know personally, we will be keeping an eye on the competition and hope for some medal success! Come on Sophie! Khalsa Karate.
Chris Allen

Wishing all the team in Azerbaijan an enjoyable, successful and safe trip. Savour every moment and know how proud we are of you all – esp. of you David (Coope ) – you’ve worked so hard for this and you know you can do it!
Love ya matey, Mum and Dad and Matthew xxx (and Sam, and grandma, and sarah(x2),sue(x3) et al!)

Hi! Patrick, grandad Ron, will be following you through the event,
Much better than working. Good luck, I will keep in touch
Ron Mapplebeck

DAVID COOPE and all of England team, best of luck in Azerbaijan
love from Liz, Barry, Katy, Emily and Harry Aspden-Mansfield xx

Good luck for European Champs

Hi Melissa, Wishing good luck in Azerbaijan. Another step closer to the dream. Come and show me your medal when you get back.
Sensei Steve Coleman - Meopham Karate Academy

Wishing Alice the best of luck....
lot's of love Michelle, Dave, Bethany and all the OSTMA crew xxxxx

Good Luck Alice!
Love The Frasers x

Go Al! You can do it!! Think of the ODEC spirit!
Love K xxx

To Alice Goudie and all the members of the EKF team - GOOD LUCK and do yourselves proud. Enjoy it, Alice, and don't get injured. We love you whatever the results!!
Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

Ashley - shine for us all and especially yourself. Good luck we are rooting for you!!!
Sharon, Tamzin and Terence.

Dear Melissa
Wishing lots of good luck to my lovely grandaughter and also to the rest of the Team. I hope you have a wonderfuil time and I look forward to hearing about it when you get back. Lots of Love Nan. xxx

Hi Melissa

GOOD LUCK!!!!!! out there in Azerbaijan, you go girl!! We will be thinking of you the whole time and checking out the daily reports on the site and keeping up with all the photos that are posted - we are incredibly proud of you!!! Good luck to Kelly & Kira for Team Kata and also to the rest of the England Team. Many thanks to Jon for the constant help and support! GOOD LUCK!!!!!! With lots of love Mum, Dad, Dom & BWD!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good luck Alice!!! Don't forget just how good you are, show the world.
Thinking of you

Good luck, Sophie! Love from Nan, Lisa, Kev and Tess xxxxx
And good luck to the whole squad!

Wishing our Niece KIRA the very best of luck in Azerbaijan.
Love from Uncle Colin and Auntie Julie xxx

Good luck to everyone on the England Team! Alice - we are so proud of you, go show everyone what you are capable of and dont forget to enjoy yourself!
From Amy xxx

Good luck to all the ENGLAND Squad, especially our Granddaughter KIRA.
Love from Nan and Grandad xxx

Good luck Joe - think of the hat!,
from The Booty’s x

Good luck to all the England Squad in Azerbaijan especially Kel, Mel and Kira and those from Sale Dojo. XXX
Love from Lynn, Graham and Niamh

The very best of luck to Willie Thomas, Paul Newby and the England Team at the Europeans Championships. Do us proud and bring home the medals!!!
All the best everyone,
No1. Fitness & Martial Arts Centre

Wishing the whole squad and delegation a safe and fruitful trip, most of all, enjoy the experience, give your very best and always respect that red cross, Good luck!!
Mark Symonds

Millie we wish you the very best of luck . u go girl !!!!
loads of love Harrison,Phoebe,Michelle and Robin xxx

Goodluck sophie santillo and the whole england team,soph you did fab at the worlds now go do the same again at the Euros
love you from mum xxx

Good luck to all the squad & Coaches going to Azerbaijan, especially to Amelia, you have waited a long time.
Love you loads Dad.

Good luck to kieran and navin, fullfill your potentional boys.
From the ashindokai family.

Good Luck at the Europeans to Ryan Jay and Mitchell Priestley
From Paul, Chris, EKKA and all at Links Karate

Good luck to the England squad of competitors, coaches and officials representing the English Karate Federation, your Associations, clubs and yourselves in Azerbaijan.
Aim high guy's and be a team!!
John Moreton, Tony Dent and everyone from Wado UK Karate.

Best of luck Joe Kellaway
love your very proud nanny and grandad xxxx

Wishing our great nephew JOE KELLAWAY the best of luck in Azerbaijan,
luv auntie julie,uncle sam ,harry courtney and sammy xx

Good Luck to Sophie Santillo & the rest of the squad. Make your dreams come true!!!
Ros & your friends at the Charlie Butler.

Good luck and best wishes to Amelia Harvey. We are all behind you.
From Carol steve Hayleigh joe x x

I would like to wish Joe Kellaway and the rest of the squad all the best in Azerbaijan. I am very proud of you. Good luck.
Auntie vicky, uncle Steve, Neve and Cameron x

To all the athletes competing in Baku good luck, especially Jonathan Mottram and the kata students from Barking Abbey Ishinryu, Kieran, Navin, Kira, Melissa & Emma. Good luck to Kelly Horsfall from Sale Dojo, Tom Hickman PC Karate & Sophie Santillo Toyakwai.
Mark & Debbie Sell

I would like to wish sophie santillo and ALL the squad a safe fantastic trip soph were all very proud of you representing your country goodluck guys!
Name not provided

Come on England...believe and achieve.
from Northern Region coach Gavin Foster and all at East Durham Ishinryu

Just want to wish ALL the Team & Staff a safe trip out to Baku, hope you've all remembered to pack your thermals!!! At least the current weather conditions here have helped prepare everyone for the sub zero temperatures, good luck everyone & lets build on the success of the Worlds.
Best wishes Debbie Tutty

Good luck Mitchell Priestley from Matthew, Emily and Jack. Do LKK proud and enjoy every minute!

Good Luck to everyone traveling out to the Europeans junior karate championships.
To all the coaches, competitors, Supporters and EKF officials that make up Team ENGLAND. Do us proud!!
Special mentions to Callum ''The Flash'' Holmes and Lauren Crawford from Shindo kai, along with sensei Paul Newby.
Take ya thermals guys!!! lol
All the best everyone, wish I could make it.
Sensei John & Ged Tumman and all the students in Shindo Kai.....Osu !!

The Board of the EKF would like to wish Willie Thomas and the squad competing at the 39th European Junior & Cadet Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan the very best of luck.
EKF Board

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