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2018 EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships, Sochi (Russia), February 2nd-4th

Day 2 in Baku - 9th February 2012

Morning training

The kumite team awoke at 6 am to start early morning training before the coaches went to the check-in meeting.

The team were put through their paces and managed an hour and half session followed by a well-earned breakfast.

The kata squad started training at 10 am and like the kumite team, Sensei Jon Mottram put the team through their paces ready for day 1 of the competition.

Day 2 in Baku - 9th February 2012

Afternoon Training

After collecting the passes and entry forms Sensei Thomas and Sensei Newby had the teams working in groups of threes and fives mainly working on combinations and movement.

Sensei Jon Mottram, knowing the kata team will be on tommorow, rested, stretched and focused on precision techniques.

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