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Results from the 39th European Junior & Cadet Championships Azerbaijan 2012

In addition to the results below you can also find the Draws and Results on the WKF website by clicking here.

Day 3 of Competition – Sunday 12th February 2012
(please note connection down in Baku so using texts)

Alice Goudie

England v Italy 8-0 win on flags.

Female Team Kira Munns Charlton, Kelly Horsfall, Melissa Williamson

England v Belarus 0-5 loss

Michael Burke

1st round  – by

2nd round England v Belarus 2-4 loss

Ryan Jay

1st round England v Hungary 1-1  3-2 win on flags

2nd round England v Poland 3-0 win

3rd round England v Georgia 0-2 loss


Day 2 of Competition – Saturday 11th February 2012
(please note connection down in Baku so using texts)

Amelia Harvey

England v Spain 1-2 loss

Repecharge England v Switzerland 2-0 win

England v Italy 0-0 win  on flags 3-1

England v Denmark 0-3 loss

David Coupe

England v Cyprus 1-9 loss

Charlotte Wastell

1st round England win on disqualification of opponent

2nd round England v France 2-0 win

3rd round England v Croatia 0-1 loss

Tom Hickman

England v Holland 3-0 win

England v Turkey 1-3 loss

Repecharge – England v Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 7-0 win

England v France 3-0 – BRONZE for Tom

Sophie Santillo

1st round England v Serbia 0-8 loss

Lauren Crawford

1st round 0-2 loss

Callum Holmes

Repecharge 1-4 loss

Rob Camp

1st round England v Israel 1-1… flags 5-0 win

2nd round  England v Slovenia 0-2 loss

Jacob Kiernan

England v Masadonia 0-4 loss

Callum Holmes

England v Turkey 0-3 loss

Navin Patel

First round England v Denmark 5-0 win

Second round England v Slovenia 4-0 win

Third round 1-4 loss


Day 1 of Competition – Saturday 11th February 2012

Melissa Williamson Cadet Kata Individual

Area 5 -  England v Spain – Result 2-3 Loss

Kieran Nunkoo

Area 2 – England v Luxembourg – Result 5-0 Win

Area 2 – England v Belgium – Result 1-4 Loss

Area 2 – Repecharge England v Greece 4-1

Area 2 – Repecharge England v  Hungary 3-2 Bronze

Competitor and coach elated – great start to comp for Team England!!!

Aaron Kiernan

Male Cadet – 52kg – Awaiting mat designation

Round 1 England v Turkey 0-3 Loss

Mitchell Priestley

Male Cadet – 57kg

First Round England v Holland 4-0 Win

Second Round England v Hungary 3-0 Win

Third Round England v Croatia 0-4 Loss

Fourth Round Repecharge England v Slovakia 1-0 Win

Fifth Round Repecharge England v Belarus 1-1 Flags 3-2 Bronze!

Well done Mitchell!!!!

Joe Kellaway – Male cadet  63kg

First Round 1-1  Loss 0-5 Flags

Lauren Tutty – Female Cadet – 47kg

First Round England v Slovakia 0-3 Loss

Jessica Newton – Female Cadet +54kg

First Round England v Bosnia 0-1 Loss

Ashley Taylor – Male Cadet -70kgs

Round 1 England v Russia 0-0 Flags 5-0 Win

Round 2 England v Azerbaijan 2-3 Loss

Patrick Mongan – Male Cadet +70kgs

Round 1 England v  Hungary       0-1 Loss

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