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54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

48th EKF Senior Championships Budapest, Hungary - Day 4

Today’s the day!

Weigh in commenced at 10.00am with the coach booked for 8.45am. A light breakfast for the squad in order that they should not increase their weight. We congregated at the pick up point and waited for 40 mins before it was decided that a taxi should be booked to take the athletes who were weighing in to the stadium so that they did not miss their slot. We arrived in plenty of time in 4 taxis! A lot of people were in the same boat and we were very lucky to get hold of taxis in the panic for transport.

All weighed in successfully and awaited their time.

Emma and Jon were up first, Emma won her first round and lost out with a poor decision on the second. Jon went through with 2 bouts of 5 flags and lost out in the semis. Jon meets an old rival in the Repecharge final on Sunday morning.

Kumite was next and the results were as follows:

Gareth Dunkerley – Won 1, Lost , total 3 points, Steve Heath – Won 0, Lost 1, total 3 points, Siobhan Hayes – Won 1, Lost 1, total 3 points, Kerry Gunn – Won 1, Lost 1, total 7 points, Tom Hickman – won 1 lost 1 – total 3 points, Ross Mathieu – won 0 Lost 1, total 2 points, Jordan Thomas – won 3, lost 2 total 15 points, Natalie Williams – won 1, lost 2, total 7 points.

Natalie Williams has earned a place in the Kumite Repecharge on Saturday morning.

The same chaos regarding transport ensued on the return journey and because of the long day and the risk of missing the restaurant closing time, it was decided to get taxis once more. All of the squad got back to the hotel in plenty of time for a good meal before retiring to relax and prepare for the next day.

Team Kumite is on first at 10.00 in the morning and Kata at 11.00.

All things considered, today has been a good show from England and with our young squad facing some very seasoned and experienced top competitors, some good results and some great potential demonstrated for the future.
A huge well done to all of the squad who competed and to the remainder of the squad, who provided great support and comradeship during the long hot day.

We wish all of the competing athletes the very best of luck for tomorrow.

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