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2017 European Championships Sofia Bulgaria

Portugal 2014

49th European Senior Karate Championships Tampere, Finland May 1st - 4th 2014

The below are reports and results posted from Finland.

As well as this official EKF website you will also find information on the official EKF Facebook page - click here.

Day 3 – Finals Day

Day three was individual finals day and England had two athletes competing, Alton Brown in the male -75kg bronze medal match and Jordan Thomas male -67kg final.

First up was Alton Brown with a real opportunity to win England’s first medal of the championships, competing against DONA of France. Although Dona is a well decorated athlete he has not been in great form in recent years which presented realistic expectations of a medal and up against the ‘in form’ Alton Brown of England. The bout itself proved to be a disappointing one and in a largely inactive bout Alton was unable to claw back the two point deficit and proceeded to lose 0-8 on category two warnings. Unable to recapture the drive and performance of day one we had settle for fifth place overall. The flip side being, if this was the 2015 European Championships, Alton would have automatically qualified for a place in the 2015 European Olympics being held in Baku Azerbaijan next year. In addition Alton has gained important WKF ranking points of which will improve his World ranking status, so therefore a great effort over all.

The last individual match of the championships and England’s ‘Golden’ opportunity now rested on the young shoulders of Jordan Thomas. On day one Jordan was in fantastic form scoring a total of 16 points only conceding two against and although this is not a guarantee of success it could be argued that it is sound performance indicator and we were confident in his scoring abilities. Jordan was up against the competitor from Azerbaijan, ALIYEV NIYAZI and as expected proved to be a very tactical and close bout. Jordan scored first with a counter punch found it difficult to hold onto the lead and his opponent drew back the match 1-1. In line with the rules in the event of a draw, throughout the match Jordan was better tactically and committed to more attacks therefore won the bout (and the title) on a 3-2 decision.

‘Congratulations to Jordan Thomas’, the English Karate Federations first Senior European Champion and England’s second over 14 year span. His name now resides in the record books next to names of former Senior European Champions such as, Leon Walters, Wayne Otto, Mick Sailsman, Mervyn Etienne, Molly Samuel-Laporte, Jillian Toney, Willie Thomas (phew, to mention but a few) and now Jordan Thomas -67kg Senior European Champion 2014.


Major championships always bring sorrow with joy, elation and despair, both physical and emotional pain, but the excitement and adrenalin of competing against Europe’s finest keeps us coming back for more. Whether we won, lost or drew all the EKF competitors did their country proud and has acted with distinction both on and off the tatami. Note on the medal table England came joint sixth and that it does not say a name of a category but simply ‘England’, thus meaning we all share in this in this success and indeed are a part of it.

Final statistics; 1 x 9th place, 2 x 7th place, 1 x 5th place, and 1 x 1st place. Therefore five of the nine individual entrants finished in the top nine in Europe of which can only mean one thing. England is on the rise. The message is a simple one, ENGLAND – ‘YES WE CAN’

Thank you to the EKF staff that have worked to support the squad both prior and during the event.

  • Assistant coaches Davin Pack & Paul Newby
  • Squad physiotherapist Mohinder Surdhar Phd
  • Head of Delegation/EKF Admin Debbie Sell
  • EKF Board members
  • Sponsors BLITZ Martial Arts Supplies

As national coach it has been a privilege to represent the EKF at major championships and shoulder the responsibility and trust placed in me to nurture and develop England finest. THANK YOU

Willie Thomas National Coach

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2nd May - Day 2 of Competition

Day 2

The second day started with both male and female Kata events England’s male team athletes were Robert Bingham, John Gardiner and Chris Karwacinski. The female team were Natalie Payne, Aimee Sell and Melissa Williamson.

The men faced Portugal in the first round and unfortunately lost 0-5, Portugal then went against Spain but lost out to Spain 4-1 in the semi-final and therefore no repo-charge for the guys. The female team suffered a similar fate and put up a spirited performance against the Belarus team narrowly losing 3-2 on flags. Belarus lost 5-0 in the next round to the eventual finalists Italy. The standard of European Karate is rising all the time and both teams have learnt from their losses and keen to get back to training and come back stronger and more determined.

Next up was the female kumite team namely Amelia Harvey, Carla Burkitt, Natalie Williams and Kate Karwacinski. From the outset there was an air of confidence around this team and given the individual pedigree of the athlete’s expectations were high.

England were drawn against the Ukraine in the first round and were confident of contesting the bout well knowing if they win their chances of a medal would increase. Natalie Williams was up first and took up and an early 2 point lead. As she edged closer to victory she got caught with uro maewashi geri and ran out of time to recoup the point thus losing 3-2. Kate was up next against the former European Champion and although worked hard was unable to hold off the attacks from the Ukraine and lost 2-0 to provide Ukraine with the 2-0 overall.

There are areas for improvement in this promising team and through training and development England can achieve these new benchmarks for performance

W Thomas National Coach

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1st May - Day 1 of Competition

Female individual Kata

Emma Lucraft got off to a great start beating the competitor from Denmark 5-0 and in the second round lost 0-5 against the highly decorated Italian athlete who proved to be in formidable form all day and went on to make the finals. This brought Emma back into the repo-charge where she lost to Turkey in her first repo-charge bout.

Male individual Kata

John Gardiner Stepped in to represent England with a positive attitude and was eager to perform on the European stage. He competed against the competitor from Montenegro and narrowly lost two flags to three. The Montenegro athlete lost 4-1 to France who then himself lost to the Italian 3-2 in the next round, thus dashing any hopes of a repo-charge opportunity John. The benchmark has been clearly drawn for John who has only been inspired to train harder.

Female Individual umite

Carla Burkitt (-55kg) put up a spirited battle against WARLING from Luxemburg dropping and early point in the bout. She pulled it back 1-1 but in the dying seconds dropped another to lose 1-2. Warling was in great form and went on to make the finals bring Carla back into the repo-charge. Undeterred, Carla was drawn against MEYLNK from the Ukraine and lost 5-0. A disappointed Carla will have an opportunity to compete in the ladies team and another medal opportunity.

Natalie Williams (-61Kg) was in great form beating STELAND SONJA (LUX) 5-0 in her first bout and then ABIYEVA FARIDA (AZE) 6-0 in her second. Natalie fought a controlled fight in the quarter finals drawing the match 1-1 and lost on the tightest of margins 2-3 on flags. An astounded Natalie felt sure to progress to the semi-finals and thus a medal winning opportunity but her hopes were dashed when the athlete MAKSIMOVIC JELENA (MNE)lost and hopes of a repo-charge quickly faded.

Kate Kawacinski (-68kg) was in a positive mind-set approaching the fight and was up against the U21 European Silver medallist ZUANON CHIARA (ITA) in the first round. Kate was challenging her opponent throughout the bout but was unable to break through losing 0-2. The Italian went on to lose to the eventual finalist in the following round leaving Kate the team event to focus on.

Male Kumite

Chris Harris (-60kg) made a steady start beating MCLOUGHLIN AARON(IRL)in the first round 3-0. Now safely through the first round Chris continued his campaign against a talented competitor CHARALAMPIDIS IOANNIS (GRE)beating him by an impressive 6-0. Now in the quarter finals Chris senses a real chance of success but came up against LIDEGAARD CASPER (DEN) who was in formidable form beating Chris 5-0 and went on to gain a place in the final. Chris had one fight to gain a place in the bronze medal final and lost 3-0 to HEIMANN ALEXANDER (GER)who competes on Saturday for the bronze medal. Chris finished 7th place overall.

Jordan Thomas (-67kg) came of age this day. He produced an outstanding performance to reach the finals of the Championships on Saturday. Jordan had a bye in the first round and had to ensure he was properly warmed up to meet in GIEGLER RICARDO (GER)his first bout. Jordan won 8-0 scoring with a variety of punching and kicking techniques. Jordan then beat the world no.3 POKORNY STEFANfrom Austria (4-1) who beat the favoured French competitor GARIN MARVIN in the previous round.

The semi-final Jordan confirmed his dominance by beating the Hungarian athlete TADISSI YVES4-1 to become the first male English Karate Federation male competitor to medal at a European Championships. A level headed Jordan is quietly preparing himself for a very real opportunity of becoming a European Champion.

Alton Brown (-75kg) produced a fantastic performance wining his first two bouts. Round one saw him convincingly beat AL-WANDI AHMED (SWE)3-1 and in round two with another sound performance beat VIRAG ANDRASfrom Hungary 2-0. In round three he came up against current World Champion, Busa from Italy and in a well contested fight lost 0-2. Busa went on to make the finals giving Alton another medal winning opportunity.

Alton was drawn against MORENO_PAZ FERNANDOfrom Spain and beat him is a very tight match 2-1 to gain a place in the bronze medal fight off against DONA of France on Saturday

Ryan Jay (-84kg) competed against the capable LUCIC DANILO from Montenegro in the first round and disappointing lost 2-0 without a chance to get his ‘motor running’. Ryan remarked that ‘I did not fight to my best’, but he remains positive for the future and keen to build on his experiences here at the Championships.W

W Thomas National Coach

30th April 2014

The squad again went to the training venue with their coach's after breakfast to continue their preparations for these championships. Wednesday was registration day which went very smoothly followed by a meeting of congress with the other European Federations. The congress was addressed by Mr Espinos the WKF and EKF President. There are some exciting new things in the pipeline to come from the WKF to which Congress was informed about these included the dates and qualification criteria for the new European Olympic Games of which, karate is a participant but only via membership of the WKF. There are to be some changes to the Junior/Cadet U21 event with additional18 -21 categories. There is also some new video technology which is to be used at these championships which will also include, video analysis, talent ID and performance other exciting new features for coach's of National Federations.

The squad returned by lunch time to the hotel, relaxed and waited in anticipation for the draws.

We have some fighters on today including Kate Karwacinski who met up with the squad late last night and the Individual kata events. We hope to bring you updates via Facebook and Twitter depending on Wi-Fi connection.

Good luck to the squad and coach's for today.

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28-29th April 2014

The squad met at Heathrow T3 Monday afternoon for the first leg of the journey to Tampere, Finland. We landed in Stockholm for our connecting flight where we all squeezed on what must be one of the smallest planes ever, to continue the journey to Finland. We arrived at the hotel about 1am and once rooms were sorted it was agreed to meet up for breakfast at 8.30-9am as training was to start at 10am.

Tuesday morning and the squad were taken to the training session which is next door to the competition venue they were fortunate to have the whole training area to themselves, so this allowed the squad to have plenty of room on the mats. As usual kata and kumite split and the squad started training in their respective teams or as individuals. The training was very light with the kata squads going through their chosen katas and bunkai. The kumite were fine tuning some techniques and scenarios. The squad finished around 1pm and returned to the hotel where they were briefed on what was happening over the next few days. The squad are now relaxing before dinner. Some of the squad will return to the training venue tomorrow whilst registration begins at the HQ Hotel. The squad are in good spirits and looking forward to the competition starting.

Photos by Aether Productions and W Thomas

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Saturday 19.5.14 Pre-Training Senior Squad

The Kata and Kumite squad met up at Alex Harts Dojo in Waltham Abbey at the weekend. The squad going to the Senior Europeans were also joined by other England 'A' squad member to take part in this training session.

Both Kata and Kumite took part in a conditioning session and although demanding it was enjoyable. The groups were then split to complete their relative specific training with sessions led by Coach's Willie Thomas, Johnathan Mottram and Davin Pack.

Spirits are high with an air of excitement amoungst the squad. With this in mind there is still work to be done before the big event.

The squad will be meeting up during the week to continue their training with their respective coach's and then meet up for a final session on Saturday 26/5/14 again at Alex Harts Dojo.

W Thomas National Kumite Coach

Final Report

What a great start to 2017 with 9 athletes gaining an official placing and 2 athletes medalling, Lauren Fretwell Bronze Female Junior Kata Medallist and Joe Kellaway Bronze male U21 medallist.

A big congratulations to the new national coaches Paul Newby, Davin Pack and Aimee Sell. Thanks as always to David Inman who looked after the squads medical needs and to our chaperone Tracy Easton for all her help with the squad. Finally thank you to Blitz for sponsoring the National Squad and to all the parents, friends and club coaches who came to support the National Squad at these championships.

Sunday 19/2/17 – Final Day of Competition

Report by Paul Newby

Emelye O’Brien U21 -68 kg

Emelye had Croatia in the first round.  The Croatian fighter had a hight advantage over Emelye and Emelye lost a bit of discipline and charged in. Emelye was caught with a timed Jodan kick and with the senshu rule Emelye needed four four points which was a big task . The Croatian fighter lost in the semi final so there was no repechage for Emelye.

Joe ( sugarfoot ) Kellaway U21 -75kg

Round 1 Ukraine

Joe eased through the first fight 4-0 showing that he was here to contend the title.

Round 2 Scotland

Kellaway established his body mawash early in  the fight also showing good hand speed going through 3.0 .

Round 3 Croatia

Kellaway for the first time lost senshu but, he came straight back with his body mawash, then finishing the match off with a head kick to win 6.-1

Round 4 Greece

Kellaway scored his body mawash early and held on to the win with great movement to win 2.0

Semi final- Italy

Kellaway went down 2-0 and worked hard against the slippery Italian and with 4 seconds to go landed a head kick receiving 1 flag not the 2 that was needed. It wasn’t supposed to be and Kellaway lost  2-0

Bronze medal match-Austria

Kellaway again hits the body mawash with nerves and pressure Kellaway is letting the Austrian back in letting him level the match but, Kellaway had senshu so he could afford to draw, but, in the dying seconds he pulls out a Jodan punch to take the lead and win the bout. A fantastic fight and great achievement congratulations to Joe ( Sugarfoot ) Kellaway U21 -75kg European Bronze medallist



Report by Davin Pack

Rebecca Boakes U21 +68kg

1st 1-4 Denmark

This was Rebecca’s first Europeans, she shows potential but just needs to gain some more experience and believe in her ability, she came up short in the 1st round against Denmark losing 4-1

 Bleu Parris U21 -67kg

1st 6-0 Germany

At great start to Bleu’s European championships with a comfortable 6-0 win over Germany, all his points were singles showing his hunger to perform at this level.

2nd 5-0 Israel

This was much the same, with another great fight, the guy from Iceland couldn’t cope with Bleu’s flurry of technique and his speed . This round was a lot more closer with Armenia, Beu fell behind 0-2 , not giving up and showing great passion and determination he forced the fighter to take his 4th category 2 warning. therefore winning the match Semi-final 0-8.

France Semifinal was a lot to ask of Bleu, Dacosta of France is the current Senior European champion and World bronze medalist! The start was very close with Bleu showing a mature performance. Once Bleu lost the point Decosta was in the driving seat and used all his experience and skill to pick Bleu off, finally wrapping the match up with a Jordan kick.

Repechage 1-4 Croatia

After the disappointment of losing a place in the final, Bleu had to pick himself up for the bronze match against Croatia, with 100% commitment to everything he did just wasn’t enough to take the bronze medal!

Bleu only 18 years old still has 2 more Europeans and a worlds in the U21 category , no doubt he will get the medal he deserves. He must hold his head high for his fantastic performance throughout the day showing all the attributes of a champion just fall short, Bleu did England proud!

Saturday 18/2/17

Report by Paul Newby

David Lister -68kg Junior

This was David’s first time representing England and he came out confident and beat Azerbaijan 1-0 frustrating his opponent all the all the way through with great tactics.

2nd round David once again frustrated his Portuguese opponent winning by senshu and holding on to the win.

3rd round David had a nip and tuck fight against the Serbian fighter and lost in the dying seconds.

Serbia got to the final.so David was back in repechage

1st Round Repechage David again took it to the dying seconds and just lost out to Denmark . A credible first outing representing England for David -7th place

Chloe Lydon – 48kg Junior female

Chloe was caught early with a Jodan ura mawashi Geri which put her under too much pressure with her already needing 4points to win therefore going out first round to Scotland . I’m sure the pocket rocket will be back better than ever.

Brandon Carr +76kg Junior male

Brandon won his first fight against Estonia 4-0 on his England debut.

2nd round was against France. A body kick from Brandon was timed by the Frenchman’s Gyaku Zuki senshu to France.  Inexperience for Brandon lost him the bout but, watching from the side lines the Frenchmen then stormed his way to the final. Brandon was then back in repechage.

Reperchage 1st round England v Denmark Brandon got back in gear and won the match progressing to a tough match against Turkey

Repechaege 2nd round. England v Turkey

Brandon and the Turk both initiated attacks throughout the match but the match ended on Brandon losing on flags. A good debut for the big lad still another go in this section next year and finishing 7th place is a great effort.

bulg20 bulg21 bulg22Saturday 18/2/17

Mixed emotions today for our Junior fighters but they certainly kept the coaches busy!  The squad had four 7th placing’s today.

Report by Davin Pack

Georgina Lawson Junior-59kg 1st 0-9 Greece

Georgina unfortunately didn’t get the day off to the start she wanted, losing by being caught with 3 head kicks from her opponent from Greece, who went on to lose in the quarterfinals .

Mitchell Thorpe Junior-76kg

A comfortable first round win against Ireland, winning 8-0 as Ireland got disqualified by 4 cat 2.

2nd  round 1-0 Austria

A closer fight 2nd round with a very composed performance winning the fight 1-0 against Austria showing not only great passion but, also maturity.

3rd round 2-3 Slovakia Quarter finals

Again was close, this time losing out to the eventual gold medalist from Slovakia 2-3 Mitchell fought his heart out leaving everything on the mat. A Very close fight down to the wire he just didn’t get the result he deserved today !

Repechage 2-2 Georgia

After picking himself back from the disappointment of losing, Mitchell was very unlucky in the repechage against Georgia pulling the fight back to a draw 2-2 but, unfortunately, the Georgian had scored the first point ( senshu) therefore won the match ! A fantastic performance which he should be proud off 7th place !

Jade Attfield Junior +59kg 1st round 1-0 Italy

Jade showed great ring craft and composure to hold on to her 1-0 lead to take victory over Italy in her 1st round, at her first European championships.

2nd 0-2 Hungary

Unfortunately in the 2nd round Jade fell just short losing to Hungary but, a solid performance . Hungary went on to reach the final bring back Jade to fight off for bronze.

Repechage 1-0 Israel

Yet another composed performance she held on to a one point lead to beat her opponent from Israel 1-0 Jades defence and movement really working well .

Repechage Slovenia

Jade was controlling the fight with her 1-0 lead yet again comfortably until the last 15 seconds when she took a jogi with 12 seconds still on the clock. In the last second of the fight she defended with a kick, fell, and her foot went out of the area resulting in her losing the match and denying her the chance to fight for the bronze medal! A small mistake at this level can shatter dreams !

A great performance from Jade at her first Europeans who will hopefully take the heartache and came back more determined for the Worlds!




Friday 17/2/17

Wow what a day today has been for our kata squad and cadet fighters.  The squad won a bronze medal in the 16-17 female kata event Congratulations Lauren Fretwell and two 5th places one by Natalie Payne 18-20 yrs female kata and another 5th place by Sadie Stoner 14-15yrs female kata.  Congratulations to both girls.



Report on Kata by Aimee Sell

In the male 14-15 Kata, Eoin won his first round 5-0 against Bulgaria with Anan taking out his opponents Chatanyara Kushanku. A very good achievement to win against the home nation.

Unfortunately Eoin lost in the second round 5-0 to Hungary performing Nipaipo against Hungary Gojushiho.

In the male 16-17 kata, Luke came up against Poland first round, after a brilliant Unsu, Luke lost out 5-0 against Polands Gojushiho.

The 18-20 male kata saw Jordan’s first outing as an U21  against France. Jordan performed a good Kankusho against a well known competitor from France but lost out 4-1.

Sadie was in the 14-15 Female kata. In the first round Sadie drew the home nation Bulgaria. Sadie performed a very confident Pappuren against Bulgarias Kurunfa and won a clear 5-0 victory.

The second round, Sadie came up against France and unfortunately Sadie’s Chatanyara lost out to Frances Gankaku 0-5 who eventually ended up in the final meaning Sadie had repechage.

The first round of rep recharge Sadie faced Romania, Sadie took the win 5-0 with a strong Anan against Romanias Gojushiho.

The repechage semi final saw Sadie against a tough opponent from Sweden. Sadie matched her opponents Suparinpei and came out on top 3-2.

The final of repechage Sadie faced Slovakia. Sadie performed a brilliant Paiku against Slovakis Nipaipo however, unfortunately Sadie lost 3-2 in a very close match. Well done to Sadie for placing 5th in her first England outing at a European Championships!

In the 18-20 Female kata, Natalie’s first round saw her face an opponent from Croatia. Natalie performed Pappuren and powered through to win 5-0.  Natalie then drew Sweden in the second round, and executed a good Chatanyara Kushanku against Swedens Anan and took the win 4-1. In the third round Natalie faced Slovakia a former European champion, with Natalie performing Anan against Slovakias Suprinpei Natalie won 3-2 putting her in the semi final. Natalie chose to do Paiku against a strong kankusho performed by her Serbian opponent, unfortunately Natalie lost 5-0. After a short break Natalie was straight up again this time going for a bronze medal. A good performance by Natalie but Greece’s Nipaipo just took the win against Natalie’s Suparinpei 4-1 meaning another 5th place for England.

Well done Natalie

In the 16-17 Female kata Laurens first round was against Ukraine, although nervous Lauren controlled the nerve and performed a confident Chatanyara Kushanku against Ukraines Gojushio and won 4-1.

Lauren stormed through her second round, winning 5-0 against the home nation with Suparinpei taking out Bulgarias Gojushiho.

The third round Lauren was against Slovakia. Lauren performed a very good Annan however, she lost 5-0 to Slovakia’s Chatanyara Kushanku. Lauren and myself were both confident that Slovakia was going to make the final and started preparing for repechage and we were right.

Lauren was straight into the Rep semi final. She faced a very strong opponent from Bosnia who was performing a top kata Unsu. Lauren rose to the occasion and performed a brilliant Pappuren and took the win 5-0.

Now on a roll, Lauren was into the bronze medal match facing Russia who was performing Gankaku, another top kata. Lauren, Aka, performed a confident and fantastic kosokun sho. The flags went up 3-2 to Lauren… Our new EUROPEAN BRONZE MEDALLIST!

Overall a good day for English kata.

Three medal Finals, out of six possible medals, two 5th places and one Bronze medal!

One more thing to add, the squad all supported each other, no matter what their own results were, right from the moment they started warming up until the last performance had finished, showing true team spirit. Well done ENGLAND!


The cadet fighters were on today too with Jed Thompson Charlotte Hope, Lauren Salisbury, James Francis and Yasin Ahmad.  For Lauren, James and Yasin this was their first time representing England.  Some tough fights but everyone fought with spirit.

Report on kumite by Paul Newby

Yasin Ahmed –  At his first EKF Junior Europeans Yasin was nervous but he came out firing against Portugal.  Unfortunately his nerves drained his cardio and he began to clinch with only ten seconds to go he was disqualified.  Portugal then lost out in the semi final so no repocharge for Yasin. A Lesson hard learnt.

Lauren Salisbury  – This too was Laurens  first EKF Junior Europeans she was calm when she came up against the Belgium and was caught early Lauren fought back hard and was tagged with a Jodan kick but then ran out of time.

Lauren watched nervously as Belgium fought through the final giving her a second chance in the repocharge .

1st fight Lauren got into her rhythm and beat Sweden 7-0 scoring a nice spinning kick in the end.

2nd fight Lauren was confident and went up 2-0 to Slovakia but, the Slovak came back 2-2, Lauren still had senshu  and again Lauren pulled the spinning kick but, was awarded contact. Full of confidence Lauren reacted to an attack and came 2nd . So a 3-2 win to Slovakia. A great performance and lots learnt.but a respectful 7th place on her first outing.





Report by Davin Pack

Jed Thompson cadet – 52kg 1st round 0-2 Cyprus

Jed came up against Cyprus in the first round, itwas a close fight until he was caught with a body kick and he then had to chase it but, was unable to pull it back.

Jed seemed to struggle to deal with his nerves at this level which affected his performance . Jed didn’t fulfill his potential and just fell short of the mark this time,

James Francis cadet +70kg -1st round 1-0 Wales

Competing at his first Europeans James had a solid performance in his first round winning 1-0 against Wales.

2nd round 0-6 Croatia

In the 2nd round James came up against the current European silver medallist and was out classed being picked off with 6 single points. James has seen the standard now and it’s up to him to go away, develop and came back ready to compete at this level next time.

Charlotte hope Cadet -54kg – 1st round 1-1 Hun

Charlotte gave a great performance in her first round only losing on the new rule senshu. Charlotte had to wait nervously as the girl from Hungary went though the rounds to reach the final bring Charlotte back into repocharge

Repo1st 1-0 Sweden

First round of repocharge yet another solid performance with great work rate

Repo 2nd 0-0 Russia

The 2nd round against Russia came very close with a few head kicks but only getting 1 flag so didn’t score. Again her heart ,commitment and work rate was awesome taking the fight comfortably 5-0 on flags

Repo 3rd 1-2 Norway

3rd round was a very close Contest with Charlotte battling to the end but unable to pull the fight back .Her performance was outstanding, she could not of done any more and it just didn’t happen for her today, She can hold her head up high as she did herself and country proud.



Thursday 16/2/17

After breakfast the squad all met at 9.45am for the short trip to the arena. The Bulgarian Federation had organised 2 hour training slots for all the countries.

The squad started at 10 on 2 areas and were split in to 3 groups with each coach taking a group.

All the fighters were on one mat with kata on another.  The fighters were taken through some drills and techniques and the kata went through their katas breaking them down and doing sections of kata.

There is a real feel good factor with these athletes, you can see they are working very hard and interacting with the coachs/staff and each other in a very positive manner.

The Registrations have now been completed and the squad now have some down time before they go to dinner.

Don’t forget you can follow all the action via the sportdata RSS feed and hopefully on on Facebook.

IMG_0492 bulg3

Wednesday 15/2/17

The Junior squad have arrived safely and have settled in to the hotel.  We have seen the national teams from France, Croatia, Malta, Czech so far who are also staying at the HQ hotel.

The kata squad did some light kata preparation late in the afternoon then squad met up at 7pm  for dinner.

Tomorrow both kata and kumite will have a 2 hour training session at the stadium whilst registrations are taking place at the HQ hotel.  These championships will be the largest to date with 1200 hundred athletes from 50 countries taking part its going to be an exciting championships!




Junior European Championships – Bulgaria

The squad held their final training session at the weekend with Davin Pack and Paul Newby taking the kumite training and Aimee Sell taking the kata training.  There has been lots of changes recently and the squad has coped well with them.

Its an early start of the squad tomorrow meeting up at 5am at Heathrow.  We will hopefully be able to bring you updates via this page and the EKF Facebook page.  For instant updates, you can also go to sportdata via any device, where a RSS feed gives instant updates look out for the following symbol for this



Good luck to all the athletes, staff and referees and officials attending these championships.

BULG1 FullSizeRender IMG_0362 IMG_0423


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