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Simon Coope

Simon CoopeSimon Coope started Karate in 1998 after watching his eldest son for 3 years as a parent. He passed his 4th Dan in Feb 2012. Previous to that he received his 3rd Dan from Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan on the 5th August 2007.

Since 2004 Simon has been a full time professional instructor and built a successful association in the Midlands area. He runs a traditional Wado Ryu Club who regularly train with the top Wado Ryu instructors from around the world. Although a traditionalist at heart, as his sons (now 19 and 24 years old) have grown up, they have become more and more interested in the competition side as well. His association have had considerable competition success over the years, with his youngest son a member of the EKF elite squad.

Simon was particularly proud when two of his disabled athletes represented England at the 2012 World Championships in Paris. The disabled section was particularly important for Karate's inclusion in the Olympics, of which he is a big supporter, as he hope his sons and students might one day have the chance of competing.

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