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The 19th World Karate Championships in Tokyo 2008 - Messages of Support

Thank you for your messages of support for the EKF Squad throughout their trip to Japan.

On behalf of myself and all members of the English Karate Organisation we wish tremendous success and good fortune to all the representatives of the England karate squad.
Kindest regards,
Dave Sharkey, Chairman English Karate Organisation

Good Luck to all, Just seen the results. WELL DONE JONATHAN!!!!!!
Love you lots, Laura

Hi Katie, hope you are having a good time. Good luck for sunday
lots of love auntie Carol Uncle ChrisXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Just looked at the pics you poser. Best of luck to you and all the team. I'm proud of you mate.
Love Jag and Milly.

Good luck you guys. Hope it all goes well for you.
Kathrina, Friend of Juliette Toney - Coach

High ritchie , by the looks of your face in training, you should keep your front hand up when coming out of your technique, now who looks like a skinny kung fu panda ? good luck mate for sat bring the big g home.
All the Best
Sean, Toyakwai

hi jor. just flicked through the images. Great posing as usual! wishing you and the squad loads and loads of luck.
C u soon.
Jaz, Harry and kidz

Good luck you guys. Hope it all goes well for you.
Kathrina - Friend of Juliette Toney - Coach

Good luck to the England squad in Japan, from the members of the BWKU.
Andy Genery (BWKU)

Good luck Ritch, enjoy your time in Japan, will be thinking of you saturday morning,
love all the family

Hey Jory, Good luck to you and all the team, give em stacks !!!!
Sheeny, Phil and all at Finishline

Is anyone videoing the trip and tournament? If so can you let me know how I could obtain a copy. Keep the blog going as it is superb and in turn good luck to all the team!
David Croft
Former karateka having been paralysed while due to compete in the 1980 WKF championships

All your students at holbrook know you're the man at 60kg Ritchie, now's your chance to prove it to the world!! All the best to you and team England.
Lee Cant

Good luck and all the best for all members of the SQUAD, especially to Jon, Natalie, Davin, Tom, Alton and Paul! Take the medals for ENGLAND!
Best regards from Germany
Dennis Mai-Luong

Good luck to Gemma Marwood and the entire England squad over in Tokyo
Cherrie and the rest of the Sports Science Support team at the University of Cumbria

Message for Ritchie, every one here at SD Martial Arts wishes you and the squad all the very best in the world, bring lots of GOLDS back. Come on ENGLAND you can do it.
Sean Doyland
Association or Organisation: Toyakwai

Good luck to all the Squad. Bring back the gold. ;-)

Wishing all the England Squad the very best, especially Jon Mottram & Paul, I hope you all do well and have an experience to remember for the rest of your lives.
Fallon Rayman

Good luck in Tokyo everyone. Make this swansong for Ticky the best win we've ever had.
Reagrds & respect to you all.
Graham Chuck, Wadoryu Karatedo Kenkyukai

Good luck to all the England Squad in Japan especially to Ashleigh Kenny!
Kelly Horsfall @ Ken Yu Kai

Good luck to the squad, but especially to Katie Hurry.
Carol Hurry

Hi Jory - at Uncle Herjits Birthday Bash thinking of you. Good Luck and trust you will do well because you are from the best long line of Jat sikh warriors (me included). Luv u Loads
Herjit & Palo
And every one else !!!!

Good luck, to all the England Squad
Ryan and Heidi Jay, EKKA

Haway lads 'n' lasses - hope you all have a brill comp and bring back loads of medals.
Liam Conroy, Ishinryu

Good luck to the England Team for the World Championships.
From Clare Bonello and all at the Shitoryu Karate Academy

Wishing all the EKF squad and all the TEAM the very best at the Tokyo 2008 world championships !!
Good luck and am sure you will do us all proud.
From all at Taisho-Do Karate Association

Good Luck to the team!
Patrick Donovan

Good luck to all competitors, coaches & spectators at the world championships in Japan.
Will be glued to the web site to read of any results. Eshar!!!

"Winners never quit, quitters never win."
All Shindo kai karate-ka.

Very best wishes to all those in the EKF Squad, the Coaches and their supporters for a successful and highly enjoyable trip to Japan.
For & on behalf of Gary Swift & all members of British Wadokai Karate-do Federation
Liz Legg, General Secretary

Wishing the senior team all the best – come on England!!!

Posted 1st November 2008
Message from the Board of the EKF to all Squad members heading to Tokyo

The Board of the EKF would like to wish the Senior Squad participating in the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, the best of luck and good fortune. To be competing and attending these championships is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that England are back in business.

The Board would also like to say thank you to, Sensei Terry Wingrove and Cyberbudo for their generous sponsorship of the senior team without his help this would not have been possible. Also a big thank you to Chikara Ltd and AVA Sports for their equipment sponsorship of the team. Thanks, also goes to everyone behind the scenes working together to ensure this is a successful championships.

Once again good luck and best wishes to the squad.

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