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England Karate Squad

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Previous Squad Event
54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

The 19th World Karate Championships in Tokyo 2008 - England Squad

Male England Squad

  • Male Kata - Jonathan Mottram
  • Male U60kg - Ritchie McMillan
  • Male U65kg - Thomas Canham
  • Male U70kg - Jason Ledgister
  • Male U75kg - Alton Brown
  • Male U80kg - Loxey Simmonds
  • Male O80kg - Davin Pack
  • Male Open - Rory Daniels
  • Male Team - Paul Abel, Jory-Barh Chather,
    Darren Haynes

Female England Squad

  • Female Kata - Ashleigh Kenny
  • Female U53kg - Sarah Donnelly
  • Female U60kg - Natalie Williams
  • Female O60kg - Katie Hurry
  • Female Open - Natalie Williams
  • Female Team - Gemma Marwood
Support Staff
  • Ticky Donovan - Coach
  • Wayne Otto - Coach
  • Juliette Toney - Coach
  • Greg Francis - Coach
  • Surdhur Mohinder - Medical Officer

The Senior team will be flying out to Tokyo, Japan on the 3rd November and have training sessions arranged at various dojos in Japan before the Championships themselves. The squad has been lucky enough to be sponsored by CyberBudo, Adidas (Avasports) and Chikara Ltd.

The Board of the EKF would like to wish the Senior Squad participating in the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, the best of luck and good fortune. To be competing and attending these championships is a wonderful opportunity to show the world that England are back in business.

The Board would also like to say thank you to, Sensei Terry Wingrove and Cyberbudo for their generous sponsorship of the senior team without his help this would not have been possible. Also a big thank you to Chikara Ltd and AVA Sports for their equipment sponsorship of the team. Thanks, also goes to everyone behind the scenes working together to ensure this is a successful championships.

Once again good luck and best wishes to the squad.

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