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CRB Checks

English Karate Federation Ltd is a CRB Registered Body: registration number 26652100003

Posted 19th November 2012

The EKF are currently considering the new guidelines and forthcoming changes which have been issued by the CRB Office. For your assistance during this interim period, we have compiled a list of available CRB agencies. The EKF do not endorse any individual agency and you are free to use any suitable agency you may choose. If you have any issues regarding CRB, please contact the EKF.

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Visiting overseas instructors

The EKF do not require visiting overseas instructors to be CRB checked, but what we require is for all groups to simply establish a code of practice including such items as insuring that any overseas visiting instructors are never left alone with young people or vulnerable adults etc. In some cases that code of practice may require that the host instructor makes clear and outlines any unacceptable cultural practices and codes of behavior that may cause offence or be unacceptable in the Dojo in the UK. We also advise that your association Child Protection officer, or deputy is present at any training sessions.

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