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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join EKF?

Affiliation forms are available here, these should be completed and returned to the membership secretary with the requisite affiliation fee of £499 for Association membership, or £250 for Club membership.

Can I compete in Open Competitions?

The terms of WKF are clear, no EKF member is allowed to have sporting relations with NON recognised WKF groups, championship organisers are responsible for ensuring only WKF recognised organisations participate in their championships. For the avoidance of doubt, World championships for single styles such as JKA world championships are not classed as prohibited. (JKA have affiliation links to WKF).

What exactly are the regulations of WKF relating to sporting relations?

21.9 The WKF expressly prohibits their National Federations, and their components, from the double affiliation with any karate organisation as it may be determined by the WKF Executive Committee to be a dissenting organisation.

National Federations and their members are prohibited from having sporting relationships with these dissenting organisations and with organisations not recognised by the WKF, or with a member country of the WKF which National Federation is suspended due to non payment of fees or for disciplinary reasons.

If you are considering taking part in an event, anywhere in the World, (competition or otherwise) that is being run by someone who is not a member of the WKF family, i.e. in this country WKF members are the English Karate Federation, then its a violation of the WKF article 21.9.

Please see our 'WKF Statute 21.9 Explained' section for a more detailed explanation of this WKF ruling

What is the criteria for acceptance as a member of EKF?

Membership is open to any bona fide, correctly organised association, federation or similar organisation, democratically organised and operated who wish to apply for membership. Once the application and fee has been received, the details are circulated to the board of EKF who will in their absolute discretion consider the details submitted, and then accept, reject or defer membership status.

What services will/are available from EKF?

Benefits of membership include but are not limited to:

  • Membership and recognition of WKF
  • Entry to many International run competitions i.e. Dutch, Paris and Venice open etc..
  • Prestigious Junior and Senior National Championships
  • Access to coaching program
  • CRB Checks
  • Recognition of grades and abilities
  • Access to National Squad programmes
  • Access to National and International Referee and officials qualification programmes
  • Insurance policies and cover currently being negotiated to provide significant discounts (expected to be available Jan 08)
  • Planned membership courses for grass roots Karate ka
  • Access to planned competitive coaching courses (learn to coach for competitions)
  • Advice, Guidance and template policies for Child protection
  • Per group recognition
  • Planned implementation of UKCC coaching standards in 2008
  • Access to membership services
  • Openness and transparency with all information available for scrutiny via the EKF website, newsletters, email information and meetings.

How will the registrations system work for association members?

The individual registrations system began on the 1st January 2008. Registration slips must be prepaid, these slips can be carried over to the following month in the event they are not used. Once issued however a registration sheet must be submitted (monthly) which will be recorded by EKF, checks on registered members will be in operation at all EKF events. If no slips are issued in any given month, no declaration is required.

My association prints their own membership slips, can we use these?

Currently we are happy for associations to use their own systems, however any membership slip must include an EKF registration number, which again must be recorded by EKF detailing the individual who has been issued that number. This system will be monitored however and if necessary reviewed and changed if we feel there are problems.

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