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WKF Statute 21.9 Explained

This is a recent communication from the WKF

As an additional clarification of the term “Dissenting Organisation”, the Executive Committee has passed the following definition:

  • The WKF defines the term “dissenting organisations”, as mentioned in the WKF Statutes, paragraph 21.9, to be understood as any organisation, other than the WKF, organising or sanctioning a tournament proclaimed to be a Karate World Championships (other than a single-style where the name of the style is explicitly mentioned in the name of the Championships).

The explanation

  • An additional clarification...” is just that, and does not refer to, nor impact in any way, on the remainder of Statute 21.
  • Dissenting organisations is merely a specific section within Statute 21.9, and not the whole (see below). In particular the additional clarification does not impact on the sentence below... and with organisations not recognised by the WKF, the word and is the key.

As we, the EKF, are the only karate governing body in England recognised by the WKF, it follows that none of our members can have sporting relations with organisations not recognised by the WKF.

Statute 21.9

The WKF expressly prohibits their (1) National Federations, and their components, from the (2) double affiliation with any karate organisation as it may be determined by the WKF Executive Committee to be a dissenting organisation.

National Federations and their members are prohibited from having sporting relationships with these dissenting organisations (3) and with organisations not recognised by the WKF, or (4) with a member country of the WKF who's National Federation is suspended due to non payment of fees or for disciplinary reasons.

Statute 21.9 - Parts 1,2,3 & 4 - A further explanation . . .

This statute has 4 key parts;

Part 1 - National Federations (NF’s) and their components

Simply means, all members of that National Federation.

Part 2 - Double Affiliation

Part two is very clear; if unsure please contact the WKF Office before doubly affiliating.

Part 3

If you think of the WKF as a “family”, then you cannot have sporting relationships with anyone who is not a member of that “family” i.e. not recognised by the WKF. This applies to your Federation both at National and at International events.

Part 4

Part four (4) is very clear, and you will be advised via the WKF office if this occurs.

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