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News 2019

Posted 14th January 2019
New Year Board Message and Update

The Board of the EKF would like to wish all its members, their families and loved ones, and the wider Karate community a Happy New Year and a great 2019.

It’s been a while since there has been a posting on the web from your Board, so it seemed an opportune time to update on what has been happening …..And there has been quite a lot!!

The new departments have been bedding in, and developing new ways of working. This has not been an easy task, but we feel we are getting to where we should be.

Since the summer election, Eve Whittaker has had to stand down due to increase work load. We thank her for her contribution and wish her all the best for the future.

This meant we had a place open on the Board, which we offered to Peter Denis who was next in line following the election process. I am pleased to announce the Peter has taken up the position and is now an active member of the Board.


EKF has now re-engaged with the Unification process instigated by the Sport & Recreation Alliance and Sport England. As part of this process, the EKF was reviewed and audited by Sport England and CPSU. At the time of writing we are waiting for the full reports, but we can say measures that we have introduced, particularly around financial controls, have been well received.

The review also served to highlight to the Board what was needed for us to become a credible NGB and aided our mapping out of the work needed. We have also had two meetings with members from the other karate groups. These meetings have been productive and congenial with common goals and objectives identified.

What I need to make clear is that EKF will not compromise on its WKF mandate. We secured agreement that the Sport of karate will not be part of any negotiations. As such the WKF and Olympic pathway remains within the EKF.

Full details of the structure and working of any new umbrella body for English karate will follow in due course. I know there is a lot of conjecture about this potentially new umbrella group but I would urge you look out for official information, rather than listen to what us more often than not, ill-founded rumour.

However the process might unfold, it should be made clear that EKF is not disbanding and will remain intact and continue to grow.


This has been one of our most active areas. Under the direction of Winston (Williams) and Greg (Francis) the squad processes are under-going significant change.

One of the main goals of the Board was to have a more open and transparent selection process. We feel that pathways to squad selection and participation are meeting this objective, though the process is by no means complete.

We also wanted a more inclusive operation using the invaluable experience of EKF coaches, and afford them greater opportunity to develop.
Winston conducted a very successful open day (in October) for EKF association coaches, where he was able to explain the Performance Plan more fully, and give some insight to things in the future.

The referee department has also continued to be active, and as seen on the web, our referees continue to be successful in acquiring higher qualification. We are also delighted with the news that Dale Gamble has again been selected to be part the Euro Games in Minsk later in the year
The Board will continue to support the Performance developments as part of the wider agenda to improve transparency and the aim improving our sporting success.


As you might be aware the Board allowed a Licence Amnesty period in recognition that, for whatever reason, some groups appeared to not be licencing all their members. This Amnesty is now over.

It is the Boards intention to now robustly challenge those that are not licensing all their people. This work will be led by our Compliance Director, Mr Ivor Thomas, who should be your point of contact if you have any concerns or are unsure of the process.

Licences are essential for the EKF to function. The overwhelming vast majority do licence their members, but we know there are some that still try to cheat the system. This is unfair on the wider EKF membership and not in keeping with the values, morals and ethics of Karate and the martial arts.


We have now completed a full audit of EKF accounts. The process was a little longer than anticipated, but it has been done. These accounts will sent to members in due course.


The Board are very much aware that for many EKF members the sport of karate holds little interest.

We would very much like to hear from those ‘silent’ members to hear their views of the EKF, and how they would like their EKF to work for them.
Please email the President, who would very much like to hear from you.

We are looking to start a national programme of Coaching Qualification, but this is still very much in the development stage and we hope to run courses that will cover Child Protection, First Aid, etc. However, we feel we should and need to do more for our Grass roots members, so please help us to help you.


As a Board we really could use some volunteer help in running the EKF. The EKF is only as strong as its members, and we know we have some very strong members.

If you have a skill or just a passion to see EKF succeed we really would like to hear from you. We particular need people that are familiar with IT, organisational management, Child Protection/Safe Guarding, or just want to help on event days. If you’re interested, then please drop us a line on the Presidents email.


Most of you will be aware of the fantastic results from the Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF) Championships where England achieved 5 gold medals…. a much welcome boost after the disappointment of the World Championships.

Also there was further success when Mr Billy Brennan was elected as Vice President of the CKF. We congratulate him upon this appointment and wish him well in the hard work ahead.

In addition, the other good news is that the bid of the EKF to hold the next CKF championships in England was accepted and we are immensely pleased to announce that in 2020 we will host the CKF championships in Birmingham (the host city for the 2022 Commonwealth Games). We feel this will present tremendous opportunity for EKF members, and further place England back on the international map.

That’s about all now. This weekend the EKF will hold is fist event of 2019….. the National Kyu Grades Championship in Leicester. I can report the event is largest EKF event to date with over 1000 entries. So popular has the event proved to be that we had to close the entry portal early. Our apologies to those that have missed out, but we simply could not take anymore.

I would like to give special thanks to Paul Campbell and his team who has worked tirelessly to make this championships work.

In the coming months we have a squad going to Demark for the Cadet and Junior Europeans, and then a month later, we send our Seniors to Spain for the European Seniors. We wish both squads and officials attending the very best of luck.

The year ahead promises to be an exciting one, but also very challenging. The EKF Board remain focused to deliver the best service to its members, and we thank you for your continued support.

As ever, our doors remain open to ideas and suggestions you might have, and do feel free to approach Board members, if only to say hello.

Steve Coupland
EKF President

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