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England Karate Squad

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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

36th European Junior & Cadet Championships, Paris, France 2009 - Results

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EKF Squad results . . .

Male 14 -15yrs

Oliver Doyland – Brown (U52kg)
2nd Round

Ryan Jay (U57kg)

Harley Del – Rio (U63kg)
Joint 5th

Adam Clements (U70kg)
Joint 7th

Joshua Gagon (O70kg)
1st Round

Male 16 – 17 Yrs

Jay Kirton
BRONZE in the -55kgs

Benjamin Coward (U61Kg)
2nd Round

Alex Sell (U68Kg)
4th Round

Alex Kinsmore (U76Kg)
3rd Round

Saule Del - Rio (+76Kg)
1st Round

Male 18 - 19 – 20yrs

Ross Mathieu (U68Kg)
1st Round

Gareth Hains (U78Kg)
1st Round

Michael Campbell (+78Kg)
3rd Round

Stand-By Michael Campbell

Male Kata

Mitchell Roberts (Cadets)
2nd Round

Jack Dixon (Juniors)
BRONZE in Kata

Female 14 – 15yrs

Chloe Cooper (U47kg)
Joint 5th

Kate Karwacinski (U54kg)
1st Round

Hannah Baker (O54kg)

Female 16 – 17 Yrs

Stephanie Thorndick (U53Kg)
1st Round

Alice Goudie (U59kg)

Charlotte Platts (+59Kg)
Repechage 2nd Round

Female 18 - 19 – 20yrs

Carla Burkitt
BRONZE U21's (U53Kg)

Reisha Hull (U60Kg)
Joint 5th

Rio Smith (+60Kg)
Repechage quarter-finals

Female Kata

Rachel Newey (Cadets)
2nd Round

Emma Lucraft (Juniors)
1st Round



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