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21st WKF World Senior Championships, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France

The EKF Squad is competing in the 21st WKF World Senior Championships, Bercy Stadium in Paris, France.

As in the past we will do our our best to publish information, reports and images from the event.


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Posted 19th November 2012
Message from the EKF President

To all EKF members,

Today the England Team travel to Paris to take part in what is very likely to be the most important tournament in the history of Karate. The World Championships begin on Wednesday 21st November. This is the first Karate event that will have totally global media coverage, the one with the greatest amount of 'mainstream' sponsorship and the competition that will take place during and perhaps define our Olympic bid. This is the year of the 'K is on the Way' campaign for Karate to become an Olympic participative sport. This will be the showpiece event.

An additional factor that makes this competition so special is the inclusion of categories for disabled athletes. The highest level of Karate competition is now accessible for all. I am proud that England is entering athletes in these categories, as well as the traditional contests. We have a team with varying levels of experience who are going to make England a part of these historic championships.

I sure that you will joint me, the EKF Board, the coaches, families, friends and supporters in wishing the England Team the best of luck this week!

Carl Lindley
President EKF

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