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England Karate Squad

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54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships, Reports: 06/02/14

Kata Coach Report Day Four – 06/02/14

Today the ENGLAND squad went to train at the stadium, a great feeling to step into the place where they will be competing. The session was light and relaxed for some, more intense for others but mainly focusing the squad on positive thoughts, and to keep them calm and not get nervous but, to embrace the moment. This is where they will be representing their country so let’s make sure they rise to the occasion and perform the best they can and make the most of this opportunity. They seemed relaxed and calm but obviously a little nervous, but composed and ready. Mo has been fantastic with the squad, showing how great he is and helping and advising all who turn to him. Sensei Greg (Head of Delegation) has been as always an inspiration to the athletes and myself.

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships

At the end of the session all the squad got into a circle and they did the England squad chant, and finished the session with good spirit and smiles.

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships

I wish all the England karate squad and the coaches Sensei Willie Thomas and Sensei Paul Newby the best of luck for these championships. England deserve a good result with the effort that has been put in by all, go and LIVE THE DREAM England!!!!!!

Jonathan Mottram – National Kata Coach

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