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53rd EKF Senior Championships, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 10th - 13th 2018

The Senior EKF Squad will be competing in the 53rd EKF Senior Championships, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 10th - 13th 2018.

So far under the new kumite coaches the EKF squad have won 7 medals in 15 months that's more than half the kumite medals that were won in the previous 5.5 years. Under the Kata coaches the EKF has won 2 medals so far plus the Youth Kata medals 6 so things are looking good for the squads. There's 2 weeks to go until the Senior athletes take to the stage at the Senior Europeans in Novi Sad, fingers crossed that the medals continue to roll in. We have many talented athletes and a huge wealth of experience with our kata and kumite Coaches.

The competition starts on Wednesday 9th May.

You can register to watch the event live https://karateworld.tv/live/53rd-european-senior-karate-championship-novi-sad-serbia

There will be an RSS feed for updates too https://karateworld.tv/live/53rd-european-senior-karate-championship-novi-sad-serbia

Here you will find information, reports and images from the event.

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