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Previous Event Sponsors

06 & 07/09/08
British Karate Federation National Junior & Senior Championships, Ponds Fordge, Sheffield, September 2008

  • Amateur Martial Association (AMA)
    Peter Allen - visit website
  • Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM)
    The ISRM is the leading UK Professional body for Managing Sports & Leisure Centres - www.isrm.co.uk
  • Shindo Kai Karate Association
    John Tumman - visit website
  • Shorai Karate Do International
    Inaugural member of the EKF Visit webiste

05 & 06/04/08
The English Karate Federation Senior & Junior Karate Championships - Ponds Forge, Sheffield

Thank you to all the sponsors of the EKF Nationals on the their support at our 1st EKF Championships and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

There were two levels of sponsorship on offer for these championships:

Tatami sponsors

Category sponsors :

  • Woodland International Transport Company Limited Sponsoring Cadets Male Kumite over 75kgs.
  • AMA 16/17 years Female Open event
  • Mike Billman specifically: Senior Heavyweight Male Kumite & Senior Female Team Kumite.
  • The Heian Ryu Karate Group - Ladies under 53Kg Kumite
  • TISKA (Mick Billman/Gursharan Sahota) Sponsoring the Female 12-13yrs 45kg+ and Male 10-13yrs Team Kumite events.
  • Kazen Kai (Simon Kidd & David Wilson) Sponsoring the Male Cadets U75kg Kumite event.
  • Chingford Shotokan Karate Club (Mark Durham)
  • Metropolitan Police (Andy Maddocks / Mick Billman)
  • NLSK (John De Bono) EKU69 Mens -80kg Senior Kumite
  • TASK KU24 girls kumite 12-13 yrs 45kg+ & KU32 Boys Team Kumite 10-13 yrs
  • Ishinryu (Ticky Donovan OBE) Sponsoring Male Senior Kata.

As well as AVA Sports being on site, Kachi-Do (www.kachi-do.com) also had a stand with merchandise for sale during the championships. Each category medallist was also given a merchandise voucher by Kachi-Do, redeemable on-line or at their stand with AVA Sports supplying a discount voucher too. Also in attendance were official tournament photographers, DE Photos (www.dephotos.co.uk) who took many photos over the two day event.

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  • Official Sponsors
  • Cimac Adidas
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