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Question and Answer - National and Regional Squads

What is the explanation about South-west and South-East Regional Areas?

There is one region which is the Southern region but due to size we have split it into South-East and South-West. Anyone that lives in the Southern region can come to any of the training sessions as they are all Southern Training sessions. There will be a minimum of 5 per year as in the North and Midlands.

How does selection work for Southern region?

The Southern regional coaches will select athletes for domestic regional events on where the athlete lives. If you live in the south you should try and go to as many South-East and South-west as possible.

The South is split into two for domestic events like the Inter-regional Cup. All you need to do if you want to be considered is attend as many Southern regional sessions as possible and turn up for the selection day (see calendar).

For international events such as the EKF European Regional Championships the team will be a Southern Regional team and the best individuals from both South-East and South-West will be chosen by Regional coaches.

How do I know where I am, what is the split on the map for South-west and South-East?

Ask your regional coaches if you are not sure. This is more important for them as you just need to turn up and train and select. The coaches will ask you where you live and if good enough allocate you to the correct regional team if domestic. For international championships when competing for the region it does not matter as you will all be in a Southern Regional team?

Do I recieve a regional badge if I get selected for a South-East, South-West or Southern team ?

Yes, you will recieve a regional badge

Do Midland and Northern Regional athletes receive a badge if selected for an event?


How do you have access to buying a regional tracksuit?

If you are selected for either a domestic or international championships for your region then you can order a tracksuit through your regional coaches.

We do not know the cost but when selected for an event and ready to order, ask your regional coach.

If I have any further questions about regional kumite who do I ask?

You ask any of your EKF regional coaches.

What happens with first Senior (+18 yrs) if you do not have a regional training before?

The Midlands and Northern have a squad training before the 22nd January 2017 National squad training but EKF coaches will be inviting male and female seniors from all regions.

This is the first National Squad Training of the year and the Southern region will have its first training day in early February so if you are not on the radar of the EKF coaches and want to be considered for the Senior Europeans or ENGLAND Senior A Squad then make sure you turn up for the Southern regional training in February and the ones after that.

Is there any further information to come out about National Squad and Regional Squad Training?

At present there is a Blueprint document which can be seen on EKF website. The calendar for Kumite and Kata gives all members the layout for training and selections for year. (On EKF Facebook page)

The Vice Presidents newsletter gives all members the overview of the National structure and goals for this year and next year.

There will be another document that gives all members the 'Internal Structure and Procedures for the EKF Kumite.' This will be coming out in second week of January 2017.

This question and answer should give you the rest of information needed. If there are any other questions then please ask your regional coaches.

How will Kata work within the regions?

The selection for the Regional Kata at the Inter-regional Championships and European Regional Championships will be decided upon in due course by the EKF Kata coaches and EKF Board in due course.

When will the ENGLAND 'A' Squad Kumite Squads be decided and by who?

The ENGLAND 'A' Squads will be decided by the EKF Selection panel.

June 2017 - Senior Kumite 'A' Squad

The U21 preliminary ENGLAND 'A' Squad 14-20 years will be decided upon in coming months. This will be published on EKF website.

Do I have to be on the England 'A' Squad to get selected for Major Championships?

Yes, from June 2017 you will need to be on the England 'A' Squad to attend selections for either U21 or Senior Major Championships.

But do not worry as there are National trials throughout the year for all age groups. To be selected to get onto the England 'A' Squad you need to attend Regional training and be put forward by your regional coaches.

What is the minimum age for Regional Kumite training sessions/days?

The minimum age is 10 years old and open to all EKF members that want to access the National Squad.

What is the minimum age for National Kumite Squad sessions/days?

The minimum age is 14 years for (14-20 years) National Training

The minimum age for Senior National Squads is 18 years.

Is the National Squad Training Days and Sessions closed?

Yes, you have to be asked or selected by your Regional coaches to attend any National Kumite Training.

Can anyone watch National squad Selections?

No, National Selections for European or World Championships are closed to Association and club coaches, aswell as parents. You cannot enter selection hall from January 2017. This allows the athletes, referees and coaches to concentrate on the selection.

Can anyone turn up to National Squad Training Kumite Days?

No, you must be put forward by your regional coaches.

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