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52nd EKF Senior Championships, Kocaeli, Turkey, May 4-7 2017
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52nd EKF Senior Championships, Kocaeli, Turkey, May 4-7 2017

Kumite Squad Training, Selections, Documentation & Calendar


Payments for training sessions will now have to be made directly to the EKF by BACs transfer or bank deposits. Payments will be required for the online form registration (payment details will be on the relevant squad page). There will be no facility to pay on the day or turn up without payment and registration having first been received by the EKF. When making payments you will need to include a reference by including the name of the person, date of the session and which session eg J Bloggs 1/1/16 Nthn Kumite. In the future we hope to have online payments through the website to make things easier for the user.

Payment details:
English Karate Federation Ltd
Acc: 44753268
Sort Code 30-18-88

For athletes under 18 years only the legal guardian or parent is to complete the online form and give permission to attend. Please note if a person does not attend a EKF Kumite or Kata session there will be no Refund/Credit note.  A credit note will only be issued if the EKF cancel the session.

Only athletes with a valid EKF licence can register. If an athlete is selecting they must be in possession of a full British Passport and reside in England. If you have represented another country or represented one of the home nations then WKF rules apply.

Selection Notes


Only athletes who are 'fit and healthy' will be selected to fight for England as constant reoccurring injuries will not only affect your performance but more importantly your training. So get yourselves in shape, look and perform like athletes.


The national squad remit is a minimum of 6 sessions per year Under 21 (14-20 years) and 6 sessions per year Senior (18+). To be able to attend National Training you need to be selected by your Regional Coaches. and take responsibility to meet the international standards outlined by the senior coaches, regional coaches and reinforced by your association and club coaches.

The selection criteria will include all factors:

  • Fitness and health
  • Athlete profile
  • Attendance to squads
  • Attendance to national / international competition
  • Performance at national / international competition
  • Performance on squad selections​
  • Attitude and psychological disposition; Postive, team players, must win, determined, adaptble and tanscious athletes
  • Technical and tactical ability
  • Demonstration of qualities indicative of elite performers

National Kumite Squad Training (Junior Cadet U21 squad session invited athletes only)
Enfield College, 73 Hertford Road, Enfield EN3 5HA

(entrance via road called ‘The Ride’)

Coaches: Davin Pack and Paul Newby
Registration 10am-10.15am

1st session 10.30am - 12pm
Junior / Cadet : Technical session: scenario drills, muscle memory drills. Reaction drills etc;

2nd session: 1pm - 2.30pm
Junior / cadet : Impact session: focus pads, air shields, first to scores and working on the new senshu rule.., sparring etc,

3rd session: 3pm - 4.30pm
Fitness, conditioning: 1hr training with a 30 min warm down, wear either gi bottoms and Tshirt or full track gear .

Please note registration times for 10.30am START !!

Payments are now made only via paypal you can create a paypal account or use a debit card. Deadline for submission of forms is Monday 17th April 2017 by 5pm

This session is for the invited athletes as listed.

Al Haznawi Hamza,
Niamh Cosgrove,
Adam Giles
Pajhan Jaffari
Tatham William
Brandon Hodgson
Stephen Lloyd
Jak McGrath
Nial Erskin
James Francis
Lauren Salisbury
Sasha Wyatt-sugg
Rachael Eagleton
Louis Naraine
Daniel Pavilonis
Brandon Wilkins
Jacob Beasley
Domantas Stankus
Chloe Sailsbury
Ellie Gudgeon
Katie Griffin
Alexandra Williams
Lauren Salisbury
Ben storey
Terry Brigdale
Charlie Coulson
Chandler Walters
Brandon Jewell
Chloe Salisbury
Sophie Ward
Jordan Clarkson
Hazel Flaherty
Rachel Traverse
Jake Hayne
Jamie Gridley
Troy Darnborough
Aydin Grey
Clayton Johnson
Yasin Ahmad
Jade Attfield
Rebecca Boake
Musa Edwards
Joshua Gleadell
Charlotte Hope
Danielle Kirby
Georgina Lawson
David Lister
Chloe Lydon
Blue Parris
Cuba Parris
Jed Thompson
Mitchell Thorpe
Brandon Carr
Chloe Casimir
Samuel Day
Mohsel Haidari
Christie Horillio
Oliver Mann
Ben Pomeroy
Sukhjote Sohal
Lydia Woolatt



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Calendar 2017

Please note: Dates/venues are subject to change where due notice will be given.

Please click here to view the 2017 Kumite Calendar (Updated 11/01/17).

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