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EKF Squad News 2015

Posted 10th June 2015
13th European Karate Championships for Regions Paris 6 - 7 June 2015 - Coaches Report

It turned out to be an early start for all squad members weather they were travelling from Luton - Birmingham or Kent most leaving around 1 am to meet up at Charles de Gaulle airport France to travel to our hotel Val de Seine Paris with everyone booked in and now resting Registration was held at the stadium Pierre de Couberlin and went smoothly now it it was time to prepare for day one of the Event

Day 1

The Midlands Kata Team was up first against Montenegro with John Gardiner Stephen Karwacinski Chris Karwacinski losing out to a close 3 flags to 2 no repechage

The Senior male Kumite Team Jordan Thomas Michael Burke Ryan Jay Curtis Harvey Stephen Karwacinski Chris Attfield was drawn first round against Russia With Ryan Jay securing the first win 3-1 followed by Michael Burke unfortunately losing out to his opponent Jordan Thomas was looking sharp taking the third match 2-0 the team needed one more win but this was not to be with our final two fighters Curtis Harvey and Chris Attfield losing out leaving our Teams final score 3 fights to 2 no repechage

The Senior female Team Carla Burkitt Emily Appleby Amelia Harvey was drawn first round against Italy Amelia Harvey was up first this was to be a close match Amelia losing 1-0 Carla Burkitt was to strong for her opponent winning 2-0 Emily Appleby soon found herself 3-0 down but managed battle back but could not get that last point needed to draw losing 4-3 with our female Team out 2 fights to 1 with no repechage

Well done to all that attended

Paul Harris Head Midlands Regional Coach

13th European Karate Championships for Regions Paris 6 - 7 June 2015

13th European Karate Championships for Regions Paris 6 - 7 June 2015

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