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England Karate Squad

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54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

Regional Kumite Training Information


All EKF training/selection sessions are now via the new online forms which then take you through to the payment section. The choice is paypal/debit/credit card. Forms will not be received by the EKF until payment is made. This is the only way to now register and pay for sessions. You will receive a receipt of your payment and a copy of what you have submitted to the EKF. Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled by the EKF, refunds will not be given for any other purposes.

To enter any EKF events or training sessions you must first seek permission from your association before you register and pay.

Only athletes with a valid EKF licence can register. If an athlete is selecting they must be in possession of a full British Passport and reside in England. If you have represented another country or represented one of the other home nations then WKF rules apply.

All information and personal data gained from completed EKF training/selection forms is only used for EKF Ltd purposes and is not distributed to 3rd parties. By submitting the registration form you are giving consent for the EKF to use images for promotional purposes only.

To enter any EKF training / Selection event you must be free of any injuries. If you have had a recent injury or medical procedure you must produce a GP letter stating you are now fit to train. If you submit a training/selection form whilst carrying an injury or having had a medical procedure and train / select the EKF is not liable. You must see the EKF medical officer on duty at the session to confirm whether you can train or select.

Disclaimer: Karate is a martial art and contact sport. People can and do get injured and we cannot accept responsibility for any such injury, loss or accident arising from your participation in our training, competitions or associated activities and ask that you are aware, agree and accept this by entering or giving permission to enter this event. We should also be notified, in writing, of any medical condition that may have relevance to their participation in karate.

Any athlete that goes to University that is living away from home will change regions to participate in that region. So if living in London but attending Newcastle University and living in Newcastle, the athlete will change for Southern (SE) region to Northern region.

Please note these are the following areas that will now come under the southern region that has been split in to two areas South East and South West.

EKF Southern Regional Split for Domestic Championships

Counties in each Region

South West


South East


Parental and Legal Guardian Code

Please take a moment to read our Parental and Legal Guardian Code


Athlete Competition Tracking Form (Updated 19/10/17)

Regional Squads

South West

Click here to view - Word Doc (updated 13/05/17)

South East

Click here to view - Word Doc (updated 13/05/17)


Click here to view - Word Doc (updated 04/05/17)


Click here to view - Word Doc (updated 04/05/17)

All Regions Provisional Calendar 2018

Click here to view (Doc) - updated 19/06/18

Next Regional Training Dates


Awaiting details of next session.

Southern - South West:

Awaiting details.


Awaiting details.


Northern Regional Kumite Squad Training:
Honeywell Sports Campus, ‪Honeywell Lane‬, ‪Barnsley‬ ‪S75 1BP‬

12-14yrs old

Registration ‪9:30am‬
Training ‪10:00am till 12:00pm‬


Registration ‪12:00pm‬
Training ‪12:30pm till 2:30pm‬

Paul Newby
Frank Pullano
Matt Price
Matthew Handley

Any queries please contact Frank Pullano on: 07718140904‬

Payment details to follow.

Northern Region athletes selected for Battle of the Teams

Congratulations to the Northern Region athletes selected for Battle of the Teams in Rotterdam on 1st December 2018.

Boys 10-11yrs
Rhys Daly
Cory Liddle
Zak Thomas- Blackhurst
Thomas Bailey
Reece Allen
Louis Taylor

Boys 12-13yrs
Jack Moran
Rjeon Walrond
Archie Brown
Zak Longden
Jamie Walker
Isaac Lilley

Boys 14-15yrs
Joshua Elliot
Joe Hird
Harry Hardcastle
Lewis Hunt
Kai Longden
Aidan Docherty

Boys 16-17yrs
Jed Thompson
Brandon Carr
Yasin Ahmed
Jake Haynes
Harvey Kerridge
Troy Darnbrough

Male 18+
Remi Jurgilaitis
Pan Loizides
Mathaios Stylianou
Josh Gleadell
David Lister
Tyler McKenna

Girls 10-11yrs
Keira Burden
Kitty Woods
Willow Woods

Girls 12-13yrs
Heidi Stanton
Chloe Allsopp
Ruby Howell-Turner
Sienna McCaffrey
Katie Wiasara
Mekenna Jones

Girls 14-15yrs
Poppy Stanton
Alice Whittingham
Ruby Eden
Amber Allsopp
Mollie Cooper
Hannah Ashworth

Girls 16-17yrs
Rachel Traverse
Rebecca Bradburn
Elise Morton
Lori-Ann Moran
Georgia Micthell
Charlotte Haxby

Female 18+
Rebecca Boakes
Lauren Crawford
Katie Dalzell
Scarlett Beckett
Sarah Ahmed
Chloe Moxon

Can all athletes selected to represent the EKF Northern Region Kumite Team at the Battle of the Teams on 1st December 2018 please send email to Sensei Matt Handley (halifaxsportkarate@hotmail.com) to confirm your attendance by no later than Sunday 9th September 2018.

Thank you,
EKF Northern Regional Coaches

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