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All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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World Karate Federation Rules & Changes

WKF Kata and Kumite Competition Rules - updated 01/01/18

The last WKF Rules for Kata & Kumite, along with revisions and notes can be views at:


Summary of WKF Competition Rules changes

WKF Approved HIJAB

In order to facilitate the distribution of the WKF approved HIJAB, we inform you that it can be acquired from 1st April through the following WKF approved brands:

The details of these WKF approved brands distribution network are available on the WKF website, “Homologated Items” section.

Nevertheless, should you need any further information, please contact the WKF on the following e-mail address: wkf.assistant@wkf.com.es

Junior European Karate Category Changes June 2010

WKF Anti-Doping Rules

Face Mask Availability

Following the WKF letter of last July 28th regarding the compulsory use of the Face Mask protection from next 1st of January of 2009 for all WKF members in the competitions of Cadet Kumite categories (14 & 15 years), we reconfirm you that the Face Mask will be commercially available from 1st November 2008 at the more of 100 distribution points worldwide from the five main WKF sponsors – Adidas, Arawaza, Budoland, Sportsmaster and Tokaido, whose addresses can be found in the WKF website (www.wkf.net). Also the body protection for 14 & 15 years– inside the karate-gi – will be ready right after being examined by the WKF Sports Commission and the EC in Tokyo, and will be commercially available in the same network as the Face Mask.

The Face Mask and the body protection will be used at the next European Cadet Championships in Paris at the end of January, and we also consider of the utmost importance the use of the Face Mask already at all the National Championships qualifying for Paris.

The increase of safety for the athletes, and the introduction of the 14 & 15 years category are two strongholds of the current WKF campaign before IOC for 2016.

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EKF/WKF Category Changes 2008 / 2009

These important documents details the changes to competition categories effective from 2008 / 2009.

WKF Face MaskEKF/WKF Equipment Notification 2008/2009

From the 1st of January 2009, the WKF “Face Mask” protection will be compulsory for the kumite CADET categories worldwide.

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