Monday 3rd November

Day Two

The squad now rested, refuelled and rehydrated were ready for their last preparatory sessions with their coaches. Earlier in the day all athletes were registered in the fastest and most efficient process I have ever witnessed at a championship. A testament to German efficiency and an indication of how professionally organised the championships will be.
At 2.45pm the squad took the short walk to the stadium for the first of two scheduled sessions in the adjoining hall. The balance between the mental and physical readiness is paramount at this stage and the coaches Willie and Ady structured their respective kumite and kata sessions to reflect these key factors.
It was now clear that the tournament was imminent as National Teams trained in the same vicinity,  kiaiing, staring and smiling at each other in an effort to manage their nerves and anxiety.
The squad then returned for their evening meal in the hotel. An excellent buffet was laid on with a healthy emphasis on all  options.i.e no chips.
The day concluded with a brief chat from the national coaches with the athletes on expectations and an acknowledgement from the coaching staff of the great sense of team spirit within the squad.