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Jordan Thomas into the final of the -67kg which is on at the weekend.  This will be the EKF’s first Senior Medal what a great achievement for Jordan.  Also we have Katie Hurry in the final of the Bronze medal +68kgs on Saturday.  Fantastic achievements.




Wednesday 26th October Report to follow:


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Tuesday 25th October – Part 1 Report

Another early start for England Team. The team met for breakfast at 6-30am which was just enough time before we had a coach pick up to take us all to the Training venue for the morning session.

The athletes for Kata and Kumite warmed up together and were prepared where needed by Dave Inman in regards to any previous injuries or management.

Willie Thomas and Davin Pack took the athletes through their paces and put final preparations together for the start of the championships tomorrow.

The team were left to train while Paul Simmons went to the Linz Design Centre to register all athletes.

This was followed by the WKF World Congress, the first as an Olympic Sport.

The World Congress gave the National Federations the up to date status of the Olympic preparation and an idea on how the pathway for Karateka maybe for the 2020 Olympic Games. The pathway allows a chance for all our athletes in the EKF to try and gain a place in the British Olympic Team.

More on this will follow in final report from Linz, Austria.

The World Congress started at 9-30am and finished at 3-45pm  . Our own WKF representative, Mike Dinsdale of the EKF was involved and gave his report as the WKF General Treasurer. Our President, Mick Billman was also very busy with WKF business between many places from registrations to the Tips Arena.

Some athletes trained again at 1pm while David Inham attended the WKF medical symposium at the trauma unit in Linz.

The coaches briefing was the last part of the day at the design Centre.

All athletes, coaches and support team attended the Opening ceremony which was held in the Tips Arena. The ENGLAND team representatives paraded the arena with the National flag which was followed by the entertainment and show. We were entertained by one of Austria’s most celebrated Orchestras for an hour and a half. A great end to a very busy day!

Dinner, team talk and final points for the beginning of the World Karate Championships, Oss!

Paul Simmons HOD


Tuesday 25th 2016 – Referees

Its 3 out 3 passes at the World Karate Championships in Linz for the English officials.

Congratulations to:

Peter Bibby kumite judge B

Gary Hoyle kumite Judge A

Dale Gamble Kata judge B

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Monday 24 October Update

The day started with an early meet up time of 5-30am for the whole team at Terminal 3, Heathrow. Many travelling from different corners of the country.

A good mood was apparent with the whole team, even at that early hour. We were chaperoned though the airport and left on time for Vienna, Austria.

Just over an hour and half later we arrived in Vienna and were met by a representative of the Austrian Karate Federation who escorted us to our coach. We travelled for just under two hours to Linz and were taken to the center where our base for the week would be.

A quick check-in allowed for the team to have the afternoon to get supplies and get a feel of the City center.

The HOD visited the arena to see the training facilities and finishing touches to the opening ceremony.

As with many sporting events the security was very tight and a special training venue has been set up for all teams. The ENGLAND team is set to train at 8am and 1pm on Tuesday with USA, China, Hong King and Spain.

The Kata Team trained in afternoon at the Hotel. Both Reece Taylor and Natalie Payne put the finishing touches to specific parts of their Kata with coach Rob Bingham. They had a very good session and looked very good with only a day to go before the start of the individual Kata championships.

Dinner was early and it finished with National Coach Willie Thomas giving directions for the week and Head of Medical Provision, Dave Inman, giving a run down of procedures for treatments and pre-championship care.

The team were left to get an early night for the last day of preparations and the support staff to discuss the direction for the week.

Paul Simmons

Head of Delegation


Monday 24th October

The Squad and delegation have now left for the Senior World Championships and should be arriving in Linz early this afternoon.

Tomorrow the Referees and our Interim Kata Coach R Bingham attend the accreditation courses and take the relevant exams.  Good luck to everyone.

Keep up with all the action via the links to the official World Champion website, official Facebook page and the WKF pay per view of the medal finals  There will be an RSS feed via sportdata

All finals can be viewed via the WKF pay per view channel info can be found here for medal rounds



The squad depart on Monday to participate in the Senior World Championships Austria. The President Mr M Billman and the Board of the EKF would like to wish the English Delegation, Athletes and Referees the best of luck at these Championships.

Referees Participating:

Dale Gamble, Liam Brennan, Brian Noble, Gary Hoyle, Peter Bibby & Steve Coupland


Head of Delegation Paul Simmons

Medical David Inman

Kumite Coach’s: William Thomas &  Davin Pack


Interim Kata Coach: Rob Bingham

Kumite Athletes:

Alton Brown, Jammal Otto, Brandon Jewell, Jordan Thomas, Cuba Parris, Bleu Parris, Joe Kellaway, Ryan Jay & Curtis Harvey

Carla Burkitt, Sophie Santillo, Amelia Harvey, Katie Hurry & Natalie Williams

Kata Athletes:

Reece Taylor & Natalie Payne