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Day 5 - 11/02/11 - Cadets Event

Well what can I say, the highs and lows of competition. Aimee Sell makes the final of the Female Cadet Kata event, Chris Karwacinski bows out in the opening round of the Male Cadet Kata event and Emma Lucraft loses out in repechage.

Chris was drawn against France 1st round and performed a good Kanki-Dai Kata but the French boy was too strong and won the round 4 flags to 1.

Emma had a 1st round bye, then face the current European Champion from Italy in round 2. Emma performed Bassai-Dai but lost out 4-1 to a strong Jion. The Italian made the final leaving Emma in the repechage rounds but she lost out 3 flags to 2 as her Chatanyara Kushanku was beat by the Slovakian's Kanku-Dai.

Meanwhile Aimee performed Seienchin in the 1st round beating her Ukrainian opponent's Seienchin 4-1. The 2nd saw saw Aimee against a Swiss opponent who performed Jion against Aimee's Bassai-Dai but Aimee won the round 5-0 with a convincing performance. The 3rd round looked the hardest as Aimee faced the host's Serbian opponent who was pretty good. She performed Kanku-Sho whilst Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku and narrowly won the round 3-2. In the 4th round semi-final, Aimee performed Annan against her Hungarian opponents' Suparinpei Kata. An excellent Kata and a 5-0 win sees Aimee into the final later this evening to face Spain.

Jacob Keirnon suffered a 1st round exit as he was disqualified after picking up successive warnings for contact. Jacob was leading the fight 6-3 but the slightest of touches put Jacob out after a final warning and disqualification leaving his Cypriot opponent through.

Jack Lowe bowed out in the 3rd round narrowly losing 1-0 to Spain. Jack had come through two earlier rounds winning 4-1 against Croatia and 3-0 against Israel but he just couldn't get passed the Spaniard's defence.

Jack made repechage and faced Luxemburg for a place in the repechage final, unfortunately Jack lost out 2-0 just missing out. Unlucky.

Robert Camp, well unlucky to bow out in the 2nd round after receiving a 1st round bye. A weak Ura-Mawashigeri kick from the Ukrainian got a twitch from a judge but when the ref halted the fight the flag was raised and 3 points went to the Ukrainian. Robert fought back but could score against his opponent.

Charlotte Wastell lost out 3-0 to Bosnia in her opening round. Her Bosnian opponent scored a chudan mwashigeri kick to open up a 2 point lead within a few seconds. Charlotte chased the fight but near the end she was penalised and gave away another point to lose 3-0.

Charlotte made repechage as her opponent made the final. Her fight was a cagey fight with neither girl scoring in normal time. After 1 minute of extra time, Charlotte's Danish opponent received a 3 flags to 1 vote on the match decision to go through.

Lauren Tutty faced a Ukrainian opponent in her 1st round fight and unfortunately didn't progress any further. Lauren was award a point as her opponent gave away a penalty point but a gyak punch and a jodan kick with 5 seconds on the clock left saw her narrowly loose out 4-1 after looking like it was going to be a draw.

Jasmine Pomeroy was unlucky losing out in the 3rd round. She had won her 1st round 1-0 against a Czech opponent winning after her opponent conceded a warning. In her 2nd round she won 3-1 scoring 2 gyak punches and collecting penalty point and only dropping one point to her Hungarian opponent. The 3rd round saw Jasmine suffer two 3 point jodan kicks in quick succession to bow out losing 6-0. Unfortunately her opponent lost the next round meaning there would be no repechage for her.

Jerome Brown makes final. Jerome came through 4 rounds beating the current European champion from Italy 2-1 in the 1st round, Czech Republic 4-0 in the 2nd round scoring with a lovely take-down mid way though, Greece 3-0 in round 3 after going into extra time with the scores tied at 0-0 and finally beating Bosnia in the 4th round semi-final with a 3-0 score. Jerome was fighting excellently all the way through and could have scored many more points but did enough to make the show case final.

Jamaal Otto also makes the final. Jamaal had a 1st round bye then beat Denmark in round 2 winning 3-0. The 3rd round against Belarus went into extra time with the scores tied at 0-0. Jamaal scored the only point in extra time which put him through tot he semi-final. The 4th round pitted Jamaal against France. Both scored with a 3 point jodan kick early on but it was Jamaal who held his nerve and saw out at 5-4 win to seal his spot in the final.


Aimee Sell European silver medal. Both Aimee and her Spanish opponent performed Suparinpei Katas but the decision went to the Spaniard 4 flags to 1.

Jerome Brown European silver medal. Jerome faced France in the final. Jerome started well but the French competitor was proving elusive and scored the opening point. Jermone attacked back in order to reduce the deficit but dropped another point. Jerome couldn't score against his opponent and eventually lost out 2-0.

Jamaal Otto European silver medal. Jamaal faced Russia in his final. Jamaal came out fighting well but mid way through the fight the Russian scored a 3 point kick to take the lead. Jamaal, desperate to redress the deficit conceded a warning point to go 4 points down. Near the end the Russian was penalised for contact and at 4-1 Jamaal pressed desperately but couldn't gain the points needed.

So day 1 of the competition and the squad come away with 3 Silver Medals. They are on the board and are looking to push on now.

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