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EKF Squad News 2014

Posted 8th December 2014
Battle of the Teams Netherlands Report December 2014

Kumite Coach's Report

Battle of the Teams in Rotterdam Holland 6th December 2014 this was to be the second time the Midlands Region have attended this event in Rotterdam with 97 Teams from all over Europe what better way to test and develop our athletes in regional team Events, once again it was to be a very successful trip for the Midlands Regional Team with all Athletes excelling.

The Results were not to come from wins and loses but points scored so the right tactics were paramount to bring back medals

  • Girls 12-13yrs wining Gold in final against Holland
  • Cadet Girls 14-15yrs Cadet Female win semi final against Germany and go on to win Silver in the final against Holland
  • Junior Boys 16-17yrs lost out first round
  • Boys -12yrs lose in semi final by 1 point to Belgium but go on and win the Bronze in repechage against Luxembourg
  • Senior Male unfortunately did not compete at the Event due to previous injuries


  • Senior Mens Team Michael Burke Jordan Thomas Ryan Jay
  • Junior Male 16-17 yrs Sam Day Ryan Luke Chris Attfield
  • Female Cadet 14-15 yrs Jordan Clarkson Megan Hill Georgina Lawson
  • Female 12-13 yrs Charlotte Hope Lauren Salisbury Maisie Raymond
  • Boys – 12yrs Stephen Lloyd Liam Hope Lloyd Birch

Well done Team Midlands

Paul Harris – Head Coach Midlands Region

Battle of the Teams Netherlands Report December 2014

French Karate Federation Competition 2014

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