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EKF Squad News 2011

Posted 11th November 2011
EKF National squad and selections – Sunday 17 Nov 2011, National Coach Overview

Firstly I would like to thank all the athletes for turning up and displaying a huge effort throughout the day. As this was the last of the open selections more than expected turned up and grabbed to opportunity to fight off. Apologies and absences have been noted!!

It is mindful to note there are different outcomes to be achieved from performing at this and previous squad sessions.


  • Junior selection for Championships
  • Senior selection for Championships
  • Selection onto the NATIONAL SQUAD
  • National ‘TEAM’ selection

The majority of which would have achieved at least one of these aims, which is especially pleasing to the coaching staff to have so many promising athletes on our books.

The Sunday selections went on all day, bout after bout and category after category with two areas constantly on the spin. Full credit must go to our referee’s department and administration staff, well done and thanks guys!!

The squad session went well with assistant National coaches Paul Newby, Davin Pack and myself (Head coach) leading the session through a number of elite drills.

Watching the bouts throughout the day allowed us to identify both specific and general needs of the athletes helping to guide the nature of the session content.

We ended the session with three demonstration bouts of the new rules to re-enforce a visual anchor for all to know what is coming!! This provided the referees with an introductory practice run of applying their theory.

Thank you to the squad medical officer Mo Surdhar, Physiotherapist for his efforts.

As to be expected there were tears of joy of winning and tears of sadness from losing, but through a systemic process where each category does round robin the transparency leaves little to complain about. The end to the day saw the team selected for Azerbaijan announced (photos by Kevin Barret).

Selected Athletes:

Male 14-15yrs

A Kierrnan - U52kg
M Priestly - U57kg
J Kellaway - U63kg
A Taylor - U70kg
P Mongan - 70+ kg

Male 16-17yrs

C Holmes - U55kg
J Kiernan - U61kg
R Camp - U68kg
T Hickman - U76kg
D Coope - 76+ kg

Male U21yrs

R Jay - U68kg
M Burke - U78kg

Female 14-15yrs

L Tutty - U47kg
J Newton - 54+ kg

Female 16-17yrs

L Crawford - U48kg
S Santillo - U53kg
C Wastell - U59kg
A Harvey - 59+ kg

Female U21yrs

A Goudie - U60kg
P Morris - 60+ kg

Selected athletes must aspire to go beyond the boundaries of simply getting your England badge.

  • We are looking for those to aspire to be European and world Champions.
  • We a looking for improvement of those that have experience of this level of event.
  • To display high levels is discipline both on and off the tatami.
  • Enjoy the ride!!

Dates for your diary

  • 4 Dec – Regional training
  • 18 Dec – National Squad training – Invited athletes only
  • 29 Jan 2012 – National squad session - Invited athletes only – final selection for senior Europeans.
  • 25 Feb 2012 – National trials – Selected National and selected regional athlete compete for places on the national squad

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