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England Karate Squad

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EKF Squad News 2014

Posted 19th May 2014
England A Squad Selection 11th May 2014 Report

I would firstly like to thank all students who trained and selected on May 11th. The standard of karate was excellent and I was impressed with the attitude, commitment and performance shown by students attending.

The selection process has been really hard and there are a lot of points taken into consideration when choosing the squad. Including, tracking record, past performance and personal development.

Congratulations to those of you that have been selected, you should be very proud. To those of you that haven’t, it does not mean no, it means just not this time. Please continue to train hard, work hard and compete regularly. The standard was so high this selections that I do not want you to feel disappointed you didn’t get selected, but I want you to be inspired to work harder and stronger to earn your place on the A squad.

Kind regards
Sensei Ady Gray

Names are in alphabetical order

MALE 14 – 15 Yrs

Luke Easton
Max Fillingham
Dahni Maisuria
Numan Nasim
Adam Peters
Johann Santos

MALE 16 -17 Yrs

Connor Hewitt
Kieran Nunkoo
Ronnie Withers

MALE 18 – 20 Yrs

Chris Karwacinski
Navin  Patel
Jordan Taylor


Rob Bingham
John Gardiner
Chris Karwacinski
Stephen Karwacinski
Jon Mottram
Navin Patel
Reece Taylor

FEMALE 14 – 15 Yrs

Katelyn Entwistle
Lauren Fretwell
Ola Jedrzejczyk
Charlotte Raylor
Michela Webber

FEMALE 16 -17 Yrs

Emily Fields
Alice Hylton
Devini Patel

FEMALE 18 – 20 Yrs

Natalie Payne
Aimee Sell
Melissa Williamson


Emma Lucraft
Natalie Payne
Aimee Sell
Melissa Williamson

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