Jerome Kumedzina

Jerome Kumedzina

South West Region Head Kumite Coach
EKF Coach

I am passionate about karate, having practiced for over 30 years and am an advocate of promoting personal growth and performance. Having started my journey at Ealing karate club (now Elkai) under the instruction of Sensei Peter Harris, Henry Francis and Michael Harris, the club instilled life long values built on honesty, respect, accountability and togetherness.

These simple values have followed me throughout my life and supported me in representing England as a lottery funded and non-funded athlete under the guidance of a number of great national coaches and teams. I competed in World and European championships, Grand slams and numerous invitational internationals events. I have won and medalled at the EKF championships in many different categories, as well at other national and international tournaments around the world.

Throughout my competing career I have always taken a leadership and mentoring role and since retirement this has transitioned into coaching. I’ve held posts as the Borough Manager, Head Coach and HKK Squad Manager  for 7 years+, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Professionally I work for the one of the largest fire and rescue services in the world, in the role of a Station Commander.

Developing and maintaining the performance of 100+ staff is important to me. I am extremely committed and driven and believe that hard work can overcome many obstacles. I also believe in fostering inclusive environments, believing that diverse teams outperform all others.