Stennett Harvey

Stennett Harvey

Midlands Region Head Kumite Coach
EKF Coach

Full time Karate Instructor and Chief Instructor CEWKA (Central England Wado-Ryu Karate Academy).

Chairman Of Xcaliber Karate Federation.

Over 40 years in Karate, Starting  Wado Ryu Karate age 15 years in 1976 under UKKW.

Current 6th Dan Karate Wado-Ryu Karate.

Current WKF Accredited Kumite Coach.

Kumite Coach for Wado Kai England.

Have coached at several WKF Youth League.

Coached at the EKF (WKF) European Championships for regions.

Coached  several Medalists at WKF premier league.

Developed several members of the EKF national team from grass roots.

Multiple English & British champions coached from beginners.

Have coached in Several Countries, including Japan, Dubai, France, Morroco and Germany

Love to see when you have trained a student from grass roots and they develop the skills fortitude to achieve their goals.