RTKC  Red Tiger Karate Club UK

RTKC Red Tiger Karate Club UK


We teach the traditional styles of Shotokan Karate. We have classes to suit everyone, from young beginners to existing black belts.
Classes are based around practising the basics of karate (kihon); including striking techniques, blocking techniques and a variety of kicking techniques. We also teach Shotokan Kata (which are detailed patterns of movement). Once a student reaches a competent level we allow them to begin to Kumite (spar) in a controlled and disciplined environment.
At Red Tiger Karate we pride ourselves on making our classes lively and fun to take part in. We play karate based games and run competitions with the children to encourage them to learn.
We strive to not only impact on our student’s lives inside the dojo (training hall), but outside as well. Ours is a family club where lasting friendships are formed. Karate not only improves our students’ physical health; it can also impact on your mental well-being in a positive way.