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Licence and Applications

Purchase your EKF licences and or return your licences online.

Purchase EKF Licence Slips

Licences are sold in pads of 50 slips.  All fields must be completed. Once payment is made via the online form the registration officer will post them to you.

All associations must register ALL their members with the EKF.

Please Note:-

Registration Slips are Non Transferable i.e. If you leave your present Club/Association and join another EKF Association then a new Registration slip is required through your New EKF Association Licensing Officer

It is mandatory that all EKF members must be issued a valid licence slip. We require our Associations to issue the actual licence slip, and not just the number. 

Associations are not permitted to print there own licence Slips, and much ensure they pass the actual licence slips to the students. 

Click the button below to purchase EKF licences.

How to Return Online Registrations:

What You Need to Do: To return your registrations, you must fill out a special form online called a "quarterly returns spreadsheet." This form is like a spreadsheet and needs to be filled out every three months.

Where to Upload: Once you've completed the spreadsheet, upload it here: https://formsmarts.com/form/1y.... After uploading, you'll get a reference number for your records.

Who Should Do It: Please pick just one person from your association to handle these uploads. This helps avoid confusion and mistakes.

What If I don't have any Returns this Quarter:  You are still required to submit a registrations with a zero amount.

Deadline: Make sure to send in your information by the  last day of each month for the previous month's activities.  Please see table below for a detailed breakdown. 

January - March Registrations Return 31st March
April - June Registrations Return by 30th June
July - September Registrations Return by 30th September
October - December Registrations Return by 31st December

For Clubs in Associations: If your club is part of a larger association, send your monthly information to the person in charge of licenses at your association. They will then send everything together to the EKF.

Member Insurance: Insurance for members is optional. If you want it, you can select it on the form and also pay for it there. Payment is through PayPal, making it safe and easy.  Click the link and follow the online instructions EKF Member Insurance - STB Insurance

Registering Members: All clubs and associations must register their members with the EKF. This helps keep track of who is a member and who is not, which is important for participating in events and for providing information to authorities when needed.

Help and Questions: If you're confused or need help, you can email the EKF at registration@englishkaratefederation.com. They're there to assist you.

Why Register: Registering helps the EKF provide accurate information to authorities and maintain a list of members. It's important for safety and organization, and only registered members can join EKF events.

Remember, if someone has an EKF membership slip but hasn't been officially registered, they're not considered a member and can't take part in events., Make sure you get your Blue and White licence slip from your Association. 

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