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Our Grading Panel

The EKF issues Dan Grade certificates from 1st to 9th Dan, subject to the Technical Grading Panel assessment and technical evaluation of all applicants. The EKF Dan Grading programme is open to all members, all application must be submitted and endorsed by an applicant’s Head of Association/Club. Applications received from individual Members will be not be processed.

Applications will only be accepted from Associations that are full members, and have been full members for a minimum of one year.

Dan Grading Requirements

WADO Dan grading Requirement


GOJU Dan and SHITO Dan grading Requirement


SHOTOKAN Dan grading Requirement

4th - 7th Dan

4th - 7th Dan

Certificates will be issued subject to the candidate’s successful technical grading assessment conducted by the EKF Technical Grading Panel (TGP). Each candidate will be required to complete an EKF Dan Grade application form which must be endorsed by their Head of Association/Club. The TGP will carry out the grading assessments on an annual basis, and the dates will be registered on the EKF Website in the 1st quarter period.

8th and 9th Dan

8th and 9th Dan

Applicants will be required to submit a Curriculum Vieta, which clearly demonstrates, and evidences a history of appropriate technical grading’s. The candidate will have a spent a life time studying, and in the service of karate-do, representing the technical, moral and ethical values of the art. In addition the candidate must also have the support of two other EKF Heads of Association members, whose Head of Association holds a higher or equal grade to that of the one the applicant is seeking.

The EKF will require all candidates to meet the appropriate timelines, and be able to demonstrate continuous training/practice in the art of karate-do.

Need Further Information?

For further information on the EKF Dan Grading Awards and Certification we have the following guidance. 

1st Dan minimum age 16 years
2nd Dan minimum 2 years between grade
3rd Dan minimum 3 years between grade
4th Dan minimum 4 years between grade
5th Dan minimum 5 years between grade
6th Dan minimum 6 years between grade
7th Dan minimum 7 years between grade
8th Dan minimum 8 years between grade
9th Dan minimum 9 years between grade
10th Dan minimum 10 years between grade

The EKF TGP consists of selected senior representatives of English karate, covering all styles, each panel member has over 35 years experience in karate.

This service has been requested by members, especially Associations whose Chief Instructor do not have the facility for promotion and senior grades who would prefer the option of undergoing a physical examination conducted by an EKF TGP.

Further details, including anticipated costs, will be available upon request, to EKF members.

For further information Email: admin@englishkaratefederation.com

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