EKF Policies


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Thumbnail Title Date Posted Size Description
PDF file icon EKF Child Protection Policy 3/3/21 1,455.60 KB v2.0 June 2019
PDF file icon EKF Code of Conduct Policy 3/3/21 389.17 KB v4.3b January 2013
PDF file icon EKF Equality Policy 3/3/21 914.80 KB v1.1
PDF file icon EKF Guidance on Discipline Code 3/3/21 145.01 KB v2 October 2008
PDF file icon EKF NGB Privacy Policy 3/3/21 534.54 KB May 2018
PDF file icon EKF Photography Policy 3/3/21 311.67 KB January 2009 Any person wishing to video/photograph at EKF training sessions, National or Regional events, need to complete the documents within the Photo Policy and send a photo and copy of signature plus £5 made payable to the EKF.
PDF file icon EKF Social Media Policy 3/3/21 242.25 KB v2.0 February 2020
PDF file icon EKF Squad Selection Policy 2023.pdf 1/11/23 316.16 KB
PDF file icon EKF Whistle Blowers Policy 3/3/21 271.98 KB v1.0 June 2008
PDF file icon Risk Management & Guidance Policy, also for Member Associations & Association Clubs 3/3/21 90.08 KB v1a March 2008
PDF file icon The EKF Discipline Code 3/3/21 130.82 KB v1
PDF file icon Transgender and Transsexual Inclusion Policy.pdf 9/11/22 266.67 KB