Grading Panel

April 2020 update

Please note our Dan Grade registration process is being upgraded at this time. We will advise when the process is complete.

Please note: Any EKF Members wishing to register and buy their Dan grade certificate will need go through their Head Of Association, who will then contact Sonny Roberts to arrange registration.

The Board of the EKF have agreed to establish a Technical Grading Panel (TGP) which will enable members to achieve a senior Dan grade.

The minimum age a person can be EKF registered as a 1st Dan is 16 years, under that age they are considered to be junior Dan grades.

All 1st Dan grades and above who are aged 18 or over are required to be registered with the EKF (no cost). EKF Dan Grade Certificates are available at a cost option.

1st Dan minimum age 16 years

  1. 2 Dan minimum 2 years between grade
  2. 3 Dan minimum 3 years between grade
  3. 4 Dan minimum 4 years between grade
  4. 5 Dan minimum 5 years between grade
  5. 6 Dan minimum 6 years between grade
  6. 7 Dan minimum 7 years between grade
  7. 8 Dan minimum 8 years between grade
  8. 9 Dan minimum 9 years between grade
  9. 10 Dan minimum 10 years between grade

The EKF TGP consists of selected senior representatives of English karate, covering all styles, each panel member has over 35 years experience in karate.

This service has been requested by members, especially Associations whose Chief Instructor do not have the facility for promotion and senior grades who would prefer the option of undergoing a physical examination conducted by an EKF TGP.

The EKF TGP will be geographically dispersed around the country. Such events could follow a member’s course or be held as a scheduled EKF Grading.

It is felt that the criteria for consideration will include the candidate's ability to teach others at an appropriate level and therefore candidates should be prepared to conduct a lesson to demonstrate their ability.

Further details, including anticipated costs, will be available upon request, to EKF members.

For further information Email:

FAQs regarding EKF Dan Grade Certification.


Only EKF Dan Grades with a current EKF Registration Number may apply for an EKF Dan Certificate.


These certificates are only issued to students who are 16 years and above.


The EKF Dan Certificate form can be downloaded from the EKF Website - to be updated & advised.

The form must be fully completed.

The EKF registration number must be shown, including the expiry date, the date of birth, address, postcode, full name, current Association name and its initials. The form must show the full history of all previous Dan gradings, ie the date of the grading, the name of the Awarding Examiner and the Awarding Association that issued the certificate.


If your Association/ Club is now in Full Membership of the English Karate Federation, you can apply for EKF Dan Certification. The Board of the EKF will decide whether your application will be accepted.


The Board of the English Karate Federation recognises that Associations may award Dan Gradings to Juniors. However, to receive national recognition, there are strict age criteria:

  • At 16 = Shodan
  • Age 18 = Nidan
  • Age 21 = Sandan