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Sensei Katie Simpson, 4th Dan - Southern Region Assistant Kata Coach

Southern Region Assistant Kata Coach: Sensei Katie Simpson, 4th Dan Sensei Katie Simpson has been training in Shukokai Karate since 1995 when she was just 8 years old. As a young martial artist and athlete Katie was given the opportunity to compete in countries all over the World such as U.S.A, South Africa, Germany and Sweden to name a few, giving Katie the experience, mental perseverance and drive needed to compete at an International level. Katie represented England in Shukokai karate for over 20 years medalling at every tournament she entered. Most notably Katie won gold as a junior in Kumite in the KSI World Championships 2004 held in Cape Town, South Africa and won gold as a senior in Kata at the 2016 KSI World Championships, Berlin, Germany. As well as winning these World championships Katie won gold in Kata in the 2013 KSI European Championships in Finland and 2015 in Switzerland. Katie was graded under the late Shihan Eddie Daniels, 9th Dan in 2014 and is currently a 4th Dan.

Katie is a fully qualified teacher of Physical Education working in Secondary education and, after retiring from competition in 2020, she is now a Joint Chief Instructor, (along with her father Sensei Chris Simpson 4th Dan), of the Shukokai Karate Academy England. Katie now turns her full effort and enthusiasm to teaching and coaching. Katie has also had lots of experience as a referee and judge officiating at many local tournaments as well as the EKF Nationals, Kyu grades, BKF Championships and BUCS.

Katie looks forward to working with the Southern Region Kata athletes, assisting the Southern Regional Kata Coach Sensei Nariman Jedi.

“I am a very motivated coach and I am enthusiastic in all that I do, as well as teaching and embedding traditional Karate, I am also passionate about competition. I teach dedication, respect, having good ethos, to be ambitious and to be motivated to succeed. I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity by the English Karate Federation; I look forward to helping lead the EKF Southern Region”.

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