Silver medal at the European Championships!

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Absolutely thrilled to share that Rochelle has clinched the silver medal at the European Championships!

In a riveting final against Germany, Rochelle showcased exceptional skill and tenacity. Though she aimed for gold, her performance was nothing short of golden. Reaching the final is a testament to her incredible hard work and dedication. She is a true inspiration, embodying what can be achieved with commitment and passion. A huge congratulations not only to Rochelle but also to our dedicated coaching team. Thanks to their tireless support, we continue to see outstanding athletes like Rochelle thrive. Thank you also to our club coaches, who are the starting point for every student that walks through the door, with out there dedication we would not have athletes representing England, and lastly to the parents, who with out there support, taking them to class, to competition, buying them their first Gi, we would not be where we are today, so Thank you

Lastly here’s to Rochelle, who put her heart and soul into every minute of that thrilling, action-packed 3-minute match. We are immensely proud of you!

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