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Referees News 2012

Posted 26th November 2012
Chief Referee's Report from the WKF World Championships Paris November 2012

Date of arrival at the world championships was the 15th of November, then after 6 days of registrations, referees courses and theory and practical exams, myself and my colleague Brian noble were passed up to provisional World Kumite referee A"s... all we had to do was get good reports for the next 3 days at the championships, which thankfully we did and were passed up fully on the friday night before the finals.

The championships started on the Wednesday the 21st, and ran for 5 days. The stadium, the look and the organisation was 1st class, with the IOC Representatives looking on hopefully must have impressed them - I know myself, Brian and Billy refereed / judged some good fights with some great kicks and throws, and take downs... but there was some poor matches with too much grabbing, holding, pushing and then straightening of the gi"s. At the de-briefing on the Friday night this was mentioned with a veiw of doing something about it and also to come out of the briefing was that 50% of all injuries are from throws or attempted throws / falls.

Chief Referee's Report from the WKF World Championships Paris November 2012
Photo above: Dale Gamble and Brian Noble with their Referee kumite A certificates at the World Championships in Paris 2012 along with Billy Brennan who also attended the championships.

There were a lot of referees/judges at this championships, more than I have ever seen, so it was good for the English referees departtment. All three of us got semi finals or important bouts to referee or judge and myself and Brian were also on TV (scary channel).

There will be changes in the kata for next year but I have no details at the moment and will be sent out in the New Year.

I would like to thank Brian and Billy for their commitment and a long time spent away representing the referees department.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

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