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Referees News 2012

Posted 27th November 2012
Chief Referee's thank you note for 2012

Changes for 2013 include the new starter qualification of table official, age and grades, plus 2 elite referees courses - North and South.

With it being this time of year I will pick out a few individuals who have worked hard this year.

My friend and colleague Brian Noble who just recently realised his ambition in gaining his world kumite referee A - this takes time, commitment , hard work and money!! Well done!!

Billy Brennan for his support in Europe and my assistant at home championships.

Tony Dent and Peter Bibby for commitment to the national referees program ...a example to all.

To the up and coming ladies in the referees dept. who have worked admirably - Wendy Jowitt, Donna Marshall, Tracy Archer, Jemma Holland, Alison Barnes, Nina Hall, Sara Cotton and Susan Ryde.

The tatami chiefs who work hard at at the championships and the officials who travel up to Glasgow for the BKF"s...thank you.

If you look back on the year the new kumite rules only came out in January and I think we have did well to implement them at the nationals, and then the fantastic results of the new qualifications in Europe at Moscow, of Brian Jarvis and Gary Hoyle.

Working along side the squad with the referees courses has worked well, with a notably improvement in standard from the referees but also a quick learning curve. The turnout at the BKF"S which firmly puts England on the driving course in Britian. All in all the referees dept. has done well this year which means we have to keep the standards the same for next year.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

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