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Mark Fretwell - Child Protection Officer

Mark Fretwell - EKF CPOI am a recently retired Police Officer having completed 30 years Police Service. During my service I performed a variety of policing roles in a number of different departments/specialisms. Throughout my service there was always one overriding constant regardless of role or title and that was the welfare and protection of the public in general and of children and vulnerable people in particular.

I have extensive experience in the welfare and representation of individuals when I was a full time member of the Police Federation. I was heavily involved in a number of high profile, national enquiries where I provided representation for the welfare and protection of not only the individual but also the organisation. As a consequence, I have acquired a very extensive skill set including equality, advocacy and trauma management.

I have personally never undertaken the sport of Karate but I have been involved with the sport for the last 9 years as a ‘Karate Parent’. This ensures that any issues regarding the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable persons within the sport are of utmost importance to me.

Email: cpo@englishkaratefederation.com
Ph: 07388 904045

Download our "Safeguarding Children Incident Report form"

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