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Greg Francis 6th Dan BEM JP - EKF Performance Director

Greg Francis 6th Dan BEM JP - EKF Performance DirectorGreg began Karate in East London at the age of 11 with the world renowned David “Ticky” Donovan OBE's Ishinryu. His first Instructor was Sensei Tyrone Whyte 7th Dan and his club mates were premier internationals, Molly Samuel OBE, Ian Cole, Dianne Reilly, Frank Lee Sang and Paul Alderson. He comes from a family of international karateka, Joe, Phil, Janice and Agatha who all continue to train today.

Greg earned his first England cap at 19 and went on to win a myriad of domestic and international titles alongside a Silver medal at the World Championships in 1990. Greg was Assistant National Coach for Sensei Donovan and Sensei Wayne Otto (2007-2012) and then acted as EKF Head of delegation till 2015.

Greg is a career Civil Servant and a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate). He has recently been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for services and achievements across his broad portfolio. He is a qualified Fitness professional and assessor and has also developed a Martial Art based training concept FIT2FITE, Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves,. The concept has proved popular as a fitness and karate training vehicle, domestically and internationally.

Greg continues to teach and maintains a demanding training schedule. He is privileged to be able to bring his knowledge, skills and experience to his role as a Performance Director and to the Governance and betterment of English Karate.

Contact Greg at performancedirector@englishkaratefederation.com

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