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EKF National Kumite Coaches

Paul Newby 5th Dan, WKF World Champion undefeated professional boxer, MMA Submission Wrestler K1

Paul NewbyStarted karate when I was 5 years old won 500 medals which are at my mum and dad's house.

15x English champion Team and individual 6x British champion team and individual.

Got picked for England at the age of 20 under Vic Charles M.B.E.

I've won many open internationals medals including golds silvers and bronzes in K1s in my day called Golden League Tournaments.

European senior medals 2 Silver 1 Bronze World senior medals 2 Bronze 1 Silver 1 Gold.

I never competed as a under 21 because it wasn't something my coach pushed I was picked for my first major competition in 2000 WKF worlds Munich and came 5th in 2002 I got Bronze in 2004 I got Gold -60kg.

One of my proudest achievements was being -60kg and always making the men's team which is unusual as most teams use their bigger fighters.

I've won many medals as part of the men's senior England team and on many occasions going out as number 1.

I've been assistant national coach for five years and been in this position to see English fighters through their good times and bad, I'm in a position now with Sensei Davin Pack, an English karate legend, to pass on our international knowledge and experience from the front lines on which we have been.

Email Paul at pnewbykumite@englishkaratefrderation.com

Davin Pack, 5th Dan

Davin PackI started karate at 5 years old, gained my black belt at 11 years old, won the first ever children’s English championships when I was 12, went on to represent England at the age of 16 years old in cadet -70kg (the cadet category was 16yrs -17yrs, no 14yrs -15yrs !). I lost in the final on first to score! Came back next year in cadet -75kg to take the gold.

At 17 years old (having to lie about my age and say I was 18 years old ) I was selected to fight in the men's team in the La Vila Madrid invitational against France, Spain and Japan with legends like Wayne Otto, Willie Thomas and Ian Cole.

Once I turned 18 I gained both individual and team spots, I never lost my place only missing tournaments though being injured.

My first taste of seniors, at 18yrs was England reaching the final in the men's team I was in - the 5 man line up against France. I received a broken jaw in two places (welcome to the MENS) and we lost!

I won a number of European and World medals in both team and individual.

I began coaching in 2008 when I stared my own club, where we have had success both nationally and internationally gaining English champions and u21 European bronze. I also have international athletes from around the Ipswich area come and train to tap into my experience and knowledge.

In November 2010 I was brought in at the last minute (Paul Newby got injured in pre-training ) to go to the u21 world championships , after which i was giving the full time position along side Paul Newby as assist coach under head coach Willie Thomas.

I have been very lucky to work along side, learn and develop with these two great coaches and as a team we have had some great success with medals, to producing England’s first senior world champion for 12 years ! Not bad for a self-funded nation.

My list of titles

  • 1998 Silver -70kg jnr (16yrs - 17yrs) European Championships
  • 1999 Gold -75kg jnr (16yrs - 17yrs) European Championships
  • 2000 Silver mens team senior European Championships
  • 2001 Gold -80kg U21 World Championships
  • 2002 Gold senior -80kg British Championships
  • 2002 Bronze -80kg U21 European Championships
  • 2002 Bronze -80kg senior European Championships
  • 2002 Bronze mens team senior European Championships
  • 2002 Silver mens team senior World Championships
  • 2003 Gold -80kg senior British championships
  • 2003 Gold mens team senior British Championships
  • 2003 Silver mens team senior European Championships
  • 2003 Gold -80kg senior Commonwealth Championships
  • 2003 Gold mens team Commonwealth Championships
  • 2004 Gold -80kg senior British championships
  • 2004 Gold mens team British championships
  • 2005 Silver -80kg senior European Championships
  • 2005 Gold -80kg senior Commonwealth Championships
  • 2005 Gold mens team Commonwealth Championships
  • 2005 Gold -80kg senior British championships
  • 2005 Gold mens team British championships
  • 2006 Silver -80kg senior European Championships
  • 2006 Bronze mens team World Championships
  • 15x Gold English Championships

Email Davin at dpackkumite@englishkaratefederation.com


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