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Referee Courses

EKF National Referees Course and Accreditation Course
Wisemore Campus, Walsall College, Littleton St W, Walsall WS2 8ES

9.30am  Registration 

Theory kumite for officials and coaches 10am to 12pm

Theory Exams for officials and coaches 12pm to 1pm[results for coaches 1.30pm]

Kumite Practical 12 pm to 1.30 pm    referees/Judges/table officials only

Break 1.30 to 2pm

Kata Theory for officials 2 pm to 3pm

Exam Kata Video theory exam 3 to 4.30 pm  referees/Judges/table officials only

Kata practice with competitors 3 to 4.30pm   referees/Judges/table officials only

Finish 4.45pm


All coaches and referees must be in official uniform [ tracksuit for coaches, blazers for referees]

In order to pass a exam all coaches and referees  will need a enhanced DBS in place and must be sent to EKF admin after the exams

No one  will be passed up unless they produce their enhanced  DBS and Number to EKF admin.

You must be 18yrs and above , and at least a Dan grade to be a coach, 16yrs and above for a judge qualification 

Theory Pass rate for the coaches in the exam...70% and above 3 years, 60% and above 2 years, 50% and above 1 year

All referees must be in official uniform 

You must be 16yrs and above for a judge qualification 

Theory Pass rate for Judges is 80% and 90% for Referee, no Referee or Judge will be passed at a course, but will be assessments will take place and later at EKF and BKF championships 

Referees Course fee £30.00 each

Referees Kumite exam and renewals £20.00 per exam

Referees Kata exam and renewals £20.00 per exam

European and World Referees course fees are free

All Fees must be paid online on the EKF web site prior to the course, [formsmart] no money will be taken on the day

2019 Calendar

29th September Kumite and kata open course with coaches accreditation
10th November Elite referees only, squad selections
8th December Open Referees course and Accreditation Honeywell Centre Barnsley

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