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Referees News 2011

Posted 5th May 2011
EKF Nationals Report

European Junior and Cadet Karate Championships - Serbia 9th - 14th February

Upgrades and new Judges: Paul Acton, Peter Beeforth, Robert Lamb, Phil Whyte kumite judge B"s
Mark Winstanley, Nigel Blood [both] kumite judge A"s, and kata judge B"s
Robert Hardy, Penny Williams kumite referee B"s
Barry Lovett kumite referee A"s

I would just like to thank all judges and referees for all their hard work at the championships, but would like to menition the following for their hard work in keeping the areas going over the 2 days at the nationals. Billy Brennan asst. chief referee, and the tatami chiefs Tony Dent, Vince Parker, Harold stephenson, Dave Robinson, Peter Bibby, Jeff westgarth, Richard Burridge, Frances Gow, ivor thomas, Mike Tointon and Brian jarvis. It was a very busy championships and the standard of the competitors was high and finals were introduced at the end of the competition days to add sparkle to the days proceedings, i believe this is important in the preparation for competitors and referees in europe. Altogether there was no major injurys and was very please of how the weekend went

Dale Gamble
Chief referee

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