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EKF Christmas message 2020
  • Covid Update December 2020
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As we are all aware the Coronovirus is impacting across all our communities, and all our lives. The situation is unprecedented in modern time, and poses immense challenges for everyone.

The EKF have had a number of enquiries around the crisis, seeking advice on what actions Association/club should be taking. In short, we can only advise you all to follow Government guidelines (Link below), and keep up to speed with what is an ever changing situation.


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General Notifications

Notice to all English Karate organisations: The English Karate Federation wish to let it be known that any karate organisations in England can apply directly to the EKF for membership, thus enabling all karateka access to the Olympic Games programme. Any karate organisations wishing to apply must, of course, be willing to adhere to the WKF (World Karate Federation) statutes and rules.

The EKF phone number for general enquiries between 10.00am and 5.00pm is 07717 454 669.

EKF Licences

Please note that from the 1/5/18 to purchase EKF licences you will need to go online and use the following link https://formsmarts.com/form/1ydz?mode=h5. Licences are sold in pads of 50 slips. All fields must be completed. Once payment is made via the online form the registration officer will post them to you.

EKF Club Membership Available

As the national governing body representing Karate groups in England, the Board of the EKF have been looking at ways to encourage new members to the EKF to enable them to obtain the benefits of affiliation.
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EKF National Championships 2020
10th Commonwealth Karate Championships and Club Championships

About the English Karate Federation

The EKF is set-up as a democratically elected body for English Karate to cover the whole spectrum of our martial art and to further develop an understanding administration that listens to the needs of all the many aspects of Karate from Sport to Traditional, from the youngest beginner to the most senior instructor.

The EKF is recognised as the official governing body for English Karate by the British Karate Federation, European Karate Federation and the World Karate Federation.

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