What is Para Karate?

Para-Karate is the name given to refer to a form of competition rules based adapted karate for athletes with disabilities (whether mental or physical).

The rules have been developed in such a way as to provide – where possible – a level playing field for all competitors regardless of their type or severity of disability. There are three categories of kata competition and these are; visually impaired, wheelchair and mental disability.

With its origins dating back to the dedicated and targeted work of the Para-Karate Commission set up by the World Karate Federation, Para-Karate has come a long way and in 2015 was formally recognised by the International Paralympic Committee – a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those working behind the scenes to make karate accessible to all. It was then in 2014 when the first Official World Championships were held in Germany. It has gone from strength to strength and the EKF stand steadfastly stand behind he aims and objectives of Para-Karate, now and always.

To see what can be achieved in karate - despite disability - please see below for the EKF’s very own Ethan Simpson performing Unsu at a recent European Championships.