Please find below dates for the online courses for the next 3 months involving the Referees department.

This will keep interest and standards up, and hopefully when we get back to full training and competitions, we are ready to hit the ground running - hope you can join us.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

Kumite and Kata Courses
Referee and Judges who participate in the Kumite and kata courses, will get a 1 years extension to your qualifications

Coaches Accreditation Courses
Existing Qualified coaches will get a 1year extension on their expiry dates and new coaches a 1-year provisional pass depended on a satisfactory DBS

Grass root beginners Course
Referees / Judges / table official Course [beginners provisional pass]

Internationals Judges / Referees only Course
Talk/ exam questions and motivation etc

All Courses are on Zoom 10am to 12pm

2021 Calendar

Sunday March 21st Kumite Course
Sunday April 18th European and World Internationals Judges and Referees only
Saturday May 9th Coaches Accreditation Course (Coaches only)