Registration System

If you do not have one of these (above) or a valid EKF number, you are not in membership of the EKF.

After January 31st 2009, if you cannot produce one of these, you will not be able to enjoy ANY of the benefits of membership e.g. squad training, selections, international events of any EKF sanctioned tournaments.

Anyone in any doubt can check with the membership secretary, who maintains the register of members.

Please read this page which details the registrations system in operation within the English Karate Federation.

All forms for Instructors insurance, membership application, licence purchase and returns are now made online using the appropriate form below.

Online Registrations Returns

All registration returns are now to be uploaded online. The existing method of completing the monthly returns spreadsheet remains the same, the only change being that now these returns will be uploaded using the following link or button below replacing the previous method of emailing the returns. You can now retain the generated reference for your records.

Payments for Member-to-Member insurances can also be completed at the same time by simply selecting that insurances are required and the number of insurances on the form. On submission of the form, if insurances are required, the form will proceed to the PayPal secure payment system where payment can be completed.

The EKF still require monthly returns to be uploaded using the existing monthly returns template. The template is of a spread sheet style and to help it must be returned as a spreadsheet.

Please ensure only one nominated person completes the returns for each association. Clubs that are part of an association must send their information to their association licensing officer who in turn sends that months returns for the whole association to the EKF. All returns must be sent in by 10th of the month for the preceding month.

If you have any questions or require any help with this please email the EKF registrar at and we will do all we can to help you through this change.

All associations must register their members with the EKF.

Registration slips are sold in packs of 50 and should be purchased in advance.

The purpose of registering with EKF is to provide statistical information to a variety of authorities, and to maintain a register of members which will not be disclosed other than to official sources when requested (i.e. Police or courts etc).

For the avoidance of doubt, any individual who holds an EKF membership slip, but has not been registered with EKF, will not be considered an EKF member and will not be allowed to participate in any EKF event.

This registration system is in operation NOW, please ensure you have purchased your licence slips and uploaded your completed monthly returns to be registered.

The registration database will be used to check individuals when entering official EKF events. NO REGISTRATION – NO ENTRY.


Instructor & Member-to-Member Insurances

STB Insurance has created a policy to cover Registered EKF Instructors and Members In the UK.

EKF Instructors and Members can get immediate cover by completing our easy one-page application form.

Please click here to visit the STB website to apply online.

Purchase EKF Licence Slips

To purchase EKF licences you will need to go online and use the following link Licences are sold in pads of 50 slips through to 400 slips. All fields must be completed. Once payment is made via the online form the registration officer will post them to you.

All associations must register their members with the EKF.

License slips available to purchase online via FormSmart. Available to purchase from 50 slips through to 400 slips.

Please Note :-

Registration Slips are Non Transferable i.e.If you leave your present Club/Association and join another EKF Association then a new Registration slip is required through your New EKF Association Licensing Officer