The regional structure has been carefully put together as a development pathway between club/association towards the national team. It will be a place to develop your techniques and tactical abilities, knowledge and has opportunity to be talent identified and nurtured onto the National squad.

Regional squads will be open to only to those who are 5th Kyu & above amd a minimum age of 10yrs. This ensures all attendees have a basic standard of Karate and are grading at their clubs.

All athletes will have to select in order ‘to get onto’ the regional squad and compete to stay on the squad.

Only athletes with a valid EKF licence can register. If an athlete is selecting they must be in possession of a full British Passport and reside in England. If you have represented another country or represented one of the other home nations then WKF rules apply.

Disclaimer: Karate is a martial art and contact sport. People can and do get injured and we cannot accept responsibility for any such injury, loss or accident arising from your participation in our training, competitions or associated activities and ask that you are aware, agree and accept this by entering or giving permission to enter this event. We should also be notified, in writing, of any medical condition that may have relevance to their participation in karate.

Dates for 2021 for Kata, Kumite and Para are as follows: 

April  Regional Kata Squad training - 18th April via Zoom 
April Regional Kumite Squad training - 17th April via Zoom
June Regional Kata Squad training - 26th of June
June Regional Kumite Squad training & Selection - 26th of June
September  Regional Kumite Squad training - 18th of September
September Regional Kate Squad training - 25th of September