2021 AGM

Posted by sonny - 2021-12-01 13:39:53

AGM 2021

The EKF AGM was held Sunday 28th November, with 47 Associations represented, along with a number of none voting 'club members'.

The meeting was opened by the EKF President, Steve Coupland. who went over the points in the President report (FIND HERE). Members were encouraged to raise questions, and make points as the President went through each section of the report. The Board were intent to ensure all voices were heard, and all questions answered.

There then followed an inspection of the accounts, again allowing members to scrutinise and raise points as they wished.

Following this, were the formalities of the Board elections. Each member association was called, as is the norm, to enter their ballot paper. The counting of votes was conducted openly for everyone to observe with the following candidates elected

 Vice President :  Mr Mike DAVIES

 Board Directors:   

  • Mr Ivor THOMAS
  • Mr Sonny ROBERTS
  • Mr Andrew SLADE
  • Mr Peter BIBBY
  • Mr Winston WILLIAMS
  • Ms Isla HALL

Before closing the AGM, the President focused members thoughts on those Karate Sensei that had sadly passed away since our last meeting.

The names of the notable Sensei's were read out, followed by a minute's applause to recognised the achievements and contribution of those we have lost..... Michael Randall Sensei, Steve Arneil Sensei, Harada Sensei, Peter Spanton Sensei, Terry Robbins Sensei, Harold Stephenson Sensei, Bob Poynton Sensei, Eddie Daniels Sensei. 

In closing the Board of the EKF would like to express sincere thanks to outgoing Vice President Mr Paul Campbell, and Director Ms Patience Kakitie. We thank both for their work and contribution to the growth and development of the EKF, and wish them all the very best for the future.